Mary’s story: My go cart is awesome

My go cart is Awesome!, by Mary

Hi! This is a post about Mary’s story. Mary loved writing this because she felt happy writing it. The reason Mary wrote about her go cart was because she wanted to show everyone how much she loved her go cart, because she loved the flag, and because it is from Santa. Mary wrote that she and her sister share it and she plays with it outside, and that her go cart is fun and she loves her toys. Mary’s favorite part is when she wrote  about her and her sister sharing it. The artwork in Mary’s story is so good because you can really tell what they are,  I could tell right away what her drawings are, and I love them. The thing that surprised me most was that she made sure her words were perfect by adding blue tape. Mary is one the best writers I know.


Remember the sand bar in Miami with the jellyfish I told you about? Well now I am talking about that in this post.

When I first walked to the sand bar I really liked it, because I thought it was so cool, but then I saw a jellyfish and it practically scared me to death, I started screaming my head off and ran back to shore, people were staring at me the whole way to the shore, Because I screamed the whole way to shore because I thought the jellyfish was chasing me.

My dad told me that jellyfish float and don’t move anywhere, so I shouldn’t be scared of them, but I probably always will be.


Hi. Last week (for christmas break) I went to Florida. First I was with my aunt, uncle, and two cousins, who live in Delray Beach. One of the cousins was one I have never met, her name is Sloan and she is super cute, and extremely bossy. The other cousins I already met and is EXACTLY  like my brother Lucian, my cousins name is Darren. Lucian and Darren are alike in every way, personality, looks, and physical. After my time with them I went to Miami.

The ocean in Miami had a sand bar (a sand bar is something in the ocean that has sand that is really high so it gets really shallow at the part that would usually be deep)I loved the sand bar, but there were jellyfish. Miami had a ton of really cool cars, Lamborghini, Bentleys, Farahs, and more. I also went to the most delicious restaurant called Prime. Even there bread was AMAZING , it was garlic bread with cheese and red sauce. Also they had the best meatball in the world (well to me personally).

If you went on christmas break I hope you had fun.


The other day was christmas,(and my mom’s birthday),  and it was the best! I got so many presents like, squishies, jewelry, clothes, art, and much more.

One of my favorite things was a hand boiler, and it is so cool! A hand boiler is a toy where you can touch the bottom and the liquid inside of it goes up and then it starts to boil, like boiling water, my hand boiler is blue.

Another one of my favorite things that I got were these earrings. The earrings are shaped like a star and have diamonds on them, there silver and I love them.

I also got a little backpack for New York City. It is meant to hold my homework and iPad in it if I have to go for an audition right after school or in the middle of school. The backpack is all black and a little gray., it has camo and palm trees in the back round.

I have a lot of favorite things, but I don’t want to name every single one go them. I hope you had a Merry Christmas! Bye!

this is the hand boiler I got

these are the earrings I got

Mary’s Art



These ares some of Mary’s amazing pieces of artwork. It is very colorful and cheerful, don’t you think? It is very original. I think all kindergartens have very creative artwork and they each have a different style of art. Mary made this  piece out of card-board and paper and more, she really figured out how to make these card-board people look like people, but with a little twist in some places. All of Mary’s art is colorful, cheerful, creative, and original.

My Buddy: Mary



Hi everyone! Today you will be learning about the best kindergarten buddy, Mary. Mary is very funny. I remember the first time we met, and we had to learn each other’s name, Mrs.Tanner (Mary’s teacher) came over and asked Mary, “ Mary do you remember your buddies name?” and Mary’s answer was,

“Gina?” which was very funny. And now she calls me ‘donut’ sometimes which is very cute, and I love it.

Mary has the best laugh ever, it has a mixture of witch and baby, and it is almost contagious, and it is my favorite laugh. Mary and I both have blonde hair and blue eyes, and people sometimes say we look alike. Mary is very good at reading, and writing, and art,( she also gives the best hugs). Mary’s art is very colorful, original, and creative. I remember one of our first projects was to make a 3D shape out of wooden sticks and model magic. Mary and I only made our shape out of colorful sticks, and then at the end Mary wanted to add a bow so it would look prettier.

Mary wears very cute clothes everyday.Mary is very determined. I remember when we had to do a project when we had to go around the school and look for numbers, Mary made sure we got every number on all the doors, because she wanted to get everything done and make sure her work was good.

I have a funny, cute, creative, and determined buddy, Mary.