Passion Project #4

This is my fourth Passion Project blog post. This time, I am writing about some frustrations and setbacks I’ve had. For starters, while playing Poker on my phone is a great resource, I hate it when I lose a lot of money for no reason whatsoever. Its really annoying when a message broadcasts across my screen saying “You haven’t played for 24 hours. Minus 10,000 chips.” If I only have 10,000 chips, then I have to restart my progress so I can actually play and take notes. For example, a little while back, I had just lost a lot of chips and I was only at 9,750. I hadn’t played for a while after that, out of rage because I had a great hand and still lost, and when I got in again, it said “You haven’t played for 24 hours. Minus 10,000 chips.” I had to restart all my progress, and that was kind of maddening, because I was at a pretty high level. So that is one major thing I dislike about mobile poker games. Also, when I tried to research some questions about the origins of Poker, it didn’t really answer my questions. I asked questions like “Who invented Poker?” and “Where was Poker first played?” That was annoying because those questions are kind of important and really interesting. That concludes my fourth Passion Project blog post.

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  1. Danny, that does sound frustrating but also sounds like you’ve learned that this mobile app is not a platform you prefer to learn on. Perhaps your interviewee can recommend another one for you to practice with?

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