Capstone #4

Planning Phase:

For my Capstone project, I am researching YouTube. During the Capstone project, we have to conduct a Site Visit. For my Site Visit, I want to go to the YouTube Space. The YouTube Space is a productions facility where YouTubers with over 10K subscribers can go to record their videos. I want to visit there because I think I can learn a lot about what YouTubers do and how they record their videos and what they use. I am still waiting to hear back from them. I think they will email me back today though. But if they don’t my back up plan is to create a YouTube channel and film the process. I have already made the account I will make the YouTube channel on and today I ill film it. I will talk about the actual Site Visit in the next paragraph.

Actual Phase:

The YouTube Space team didn’t email me back, so I decided to take a video of me making a YouTube channel. I had a lot of technical issues. One was that the camera was upside down but everything else was amazing, so in editing I flipped the camera over. Another issue was that I messed up on some words or forgot something. I finally got it right the last time. This is it:

Learning Phase:

This really helped me because now I know how to make a YouTube channel. I think I did a pretty good job explaining how its done. I filmed it at my house, but there were a lot of problems. I eventually fixed them all, but it was annoying. I learned some valuable filming skills. Overall, I learned a lot and I really enjoyed it.

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