Capstone #6

There were a lot of ways I prepare to present. But first, I had to finish my script and slides. My script was not that hard to finish. The only part that was hard was shortening it so it was only 5 minutes long. The slideshow was not that hard to complete. I included a lot of special effects. I really like it and I think its cool, but I’ll let you decide for yourself. This is it:

After those were both done, I had to practice. One of the things I practiced was switching the slide when I had to. That was my weakness. I don’t know why, but I just never did it at the right time. Also, I filmed myself doing it and presenting and I realized that I talked to fast. Also, I need to avoid distractions. This will be really helpful when I present to the other grades and classes, because there’s bound to be somebody messing around in the audience. The resources I used for this project are:


How Did YouTube Start?

What Is YouTube?

YouTube Rewind Compilation

The History Of YouTube

How BIG Is Google?


YouTube: The Company And Its Founders


How YouTube Changed The World

What Is YouTube?

The Differences Between YouTube And Twitch

Key Turning Points In The History Of YouTube

If you are wondering about anything related to YouTube, these resources are probably the best places to look for information. Thanks for reading!

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