Passion Project #1: How Did I Come Up With My Topic

For my Passion Project, I will study a video game programming language called Unity. The process of selecting this topic was easy. I’ve always been passionate about video game programming, but never really dove into it. I was originally going to do video game programming in general, but then I realized I would need to narrow down at one point, so I did a bit of research and discovered that Unity was the most powerful, yet beginner-friendly, coding language. My guiding research questions will be: Who created Unity, what was it created for, what is it mainly used for, what else can it be used for, which major corporations use it, how does it compare to other languages, were other languages based on it, how does it actually work, and will a sixth-grader be able to make something on it. I chose these because I am also interested in learning about the history of Unity. I also included questions about how it works. My letter is attached, and I will see you soon!

Letter: Daniel Pantchev – Passion Project 2020 – 4800888

This is Unity’s layout:

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