Passion Project #2: Identifying Resources

As you know, my Passion Project topic is Unity, a video game programming language. The way I went about identifying my book resource is I went on Amazon and I found the book with the best and most ratings, then I did the preview and saw that I could understand it, so I bought it. The way I went about identifying video resources was I went onto YouTube and found the most popular one. Then I went to their channel and saw that they made a lot of tutorials on Unity. So I just used those. The resource I think will be the most helpful is the YouTube channel because it has literally anything you could think of about Unity. The nonfiction reading skills I want to practice are, number one, reading a paragraph or page of the book, and then just writing down what is most important, and number two, note-taking in my own words. These skills apply to interviews because the interviewer must take in the most important information related to their topic. The second one relates to interviewing because the interviewers have to write it down their own way to understand it later. Thanks for reading, and I will see you later!

This is a pic of the main part of the YouTube channel I’ve been studying:

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