Tech Post#8/Truss Project

So, last post I talked about how triangles are the strongest shape. Today we did a project called the Truss project, which showed that triangles really are the strongest shape. In the Truss project, we first had to make a cube with toothpicks and marshmallows to connect them. Then we put a book on top of it, and if it didn’t collapse, we put another one, and so on. My cube broke apart after the first book, but that might be because the marshmallows broke because of all the pressure. Then I made 3 triangular prisms, put them in a triangle on my table, and put a book on top of it. It didn’t break until the third book, proving that triangles really were stronger than squares and any other shape. This project was really informative, and I had fun with it. Bye!

Soldering/Tech Post #4

In tech, we are learning how to solder. Solder is basically like glue, but it is melted metal. It gets really hot, so I’ll have to be careful! We have a circle with a little ring on the top, and we are ordering wires to make a design. Mine says Bet. This is a picture of the circle we will put our design in:

See you guys soon, but with all the stuff happening with coronavirus, I’m not sure how soon!

Cardboard Box Construction/Tech Post #3

Yesterday we constructed the cardboard box that we will use for our automata. There were 5 sides, which were all labeled by burnt in letters. We also got our wheels back. Mine is a big-wheel. This is a pic of it:

I plan to make a quarterback throwing a ball, the ball being connected to the big wheel. When it spins, the stick will go right and left. That’s basically my whole idea. See you next post!


Automata/Tech Post #2

In Tech we are making Automatons. My idea is going to be a football player throwing a football, and the football will be controlled by a big-wheel. We have already sketched our idea, and we sent our vector images to Mr. Calvert so that he cuts them with the laser cutter. We used Vectornator to draw our wheels, which are called cams. I’m excited to build my automaton on Monday. I want to see how it turns out.

Breakout EDU Game/Tech Post #1

On Wednesday, 2/5/20, We played a cool game called Breakout EDU. I liked it because it required you to think logically and it was like Escape the Room, which I did on my birthday and enjoyed. It was also very informative, because all the clues were on multiple safety sheets. I learned and had fun at the same time, which is pretty cool. This is a pic of the box we had to open to win:

This is the box we had to open in Breakout EDU








As you can see, its pretty cool, and I really enjoyed this experience. It was both informative and fun.