Passion Project #2: Identifying Resources

As you know, my Passion Project topic is Unity, a video game programming language. The way I went about identifying my book resource is I went on Amazon and I found the book with the best and most ratings, then I did the preview and saw that I could understand it, so I bought it. The way I went about identifying video resources was I went onto YouTube and found the most popular one. Then I went to their channel and saw that they made a lot of tutorials on Unity. So I just used those. The resource I think will be the most helpful is the YouTube channel because it has literally anything you could think of about Unity. The nonfiction reading skills I want to practice are, number one, reading a paragraph or page of the book, and then just writing down what is most important, and number two, note-taking in my own words. These skills apply to interviews because the interviewer must take in the most important information related to their topic. The second one relates to interviewing because the interviewers have to write it down their own way to understand it later. Thanks for reading, and I will see you later!

This is a pic of the main part of the YouTube channel I’ve been studying:

Refugee #3

Alan Gratz’s “Refugee” is a book where power is switched between characters a lot and is sometimes misused. In this blog post, I will be talking about how power is switched between characters, and about how some people in the story use it the wrong way.

In Isabel’s story, Fidel Castro, the Cuban dictator, starts out with the power, but later on, gives the Cuban residents the chance to leave. When Isabel and her family heard this, they took the opportunity and tagged along with the Castillos. In the brief few peaceful minutes they had after escaping Fidel Castro and his abuse of power, they felt very powerful because they had done what, just a couple hours earlier, had seemed impossible. But soon after that, the storm took the power from them. After surpassing that challenge, they felt powerful, but then the tanker started to steal the power from them, and finally, the Coast Guard took then power from them because it was about to capture them. They then lost and gained power at the same time because they were going to make it to Miami, but at the same time, Lito wouldn’t be with them.

In Josef’s story, Hitler and the Nazi’s held the power, but when Josef and his family heard the news that their father was coming back, they felt powerful. This ended soon though because when they saw him, they realized he had turned into a crazy lunatic who believed that Hitler was always coming to hurt him. When they got on the ship, felt pretty depressed and powerless because of Josef’s father’s distraught situation. But once they set sail to Cuba, they started to regain some power because they thought they would never have to face Hitler’s wraith again. They felt like this until Josef’s mother took the sleeping med and Josef’s father attempted suicide. They lost most of their power then, but when Captain Schroeder announced they wouldn’t be docking in Cuba, they lost all power whatsoever. But when Josef and the other men broke into the ship’s bridge, they got some power back. But when the group retreated, they lost some of the power they had gained. But when France accepted Josef and his family, they felt massively powerful. Fast forward a couple months, they lose a lot of their power because Hitler invaded France.

In Mahmoud’s story, The Syrian government starts out with the power, and when Mahmoud’s building gets destroyed, he loses a huge portion of his power. But when they escape with the car, they gain a little bit of power. And when they meet the soldiers and realize they’re good guys, they gain a lot more power. But when they started to get shot at in the car, they lost a lot of power because they had just lost everything. But when Mahmoud’s Dad gets the iPhone back, they get a little bit of their power back. And when they get to Turkey and start waiting for the boat, they gain even more power. But when the boat doesn’t come, they lose some of their power. And finally, when they do get on the boat and it crashes, they lose all their power. But when the Coast Guard appears and they see Waleed and Mahmoud’s dad on it, they regain some power, but not a lot because they had to give away Hana during the time when they were treading water. Then when they get to Greece and the Taxi Driver threatens to shoot them, they lose a lot of power. And when they finally get to the border, but get caught and get sent to prison, they lose a lot of power. But when they see Waleed and Mahmoud’s mom, they regain some power.

Three Sentence Summary: George’s Secret Key To The Universe

George’s Secret Key To The Universe:

This book is about a kid named George who lives simply, without any electronics, and even has a pig. One day, his pig gets lost in the neighboring yard, and while looking for the pig, George meets this guy Eric who owns a supercomputer which can make windows and doors into outer space. One day, George comes back from school, and Eric’s daughter, Annie, says she’s been to outer space, and when George doesn’t believe her, she takes him on a trip through the supercomputers door to space, and they start riding a comet, and see a lot of planets.

This book is realistic fiction, and I recommend it. This is the cover:

Three Sentence Summary – Breakout

Three Sentence Summary – Breakout

There is a town called Wolf Creek, where everyone knows everyone, and nothing bad ever happens. But then two dangerous inmates, who were in prison for murder, break out. Everyone is scared, and the police are looking or the inmates constantly, and this book is about how it affects a girl and her friends.

This book is really good if you like suspense books and mystery.

This is the book cover:

Three Sentence Summary: Counting By 7’s #2

“Counting By 7’s”, by Holly Goldberg Sloan, is about a girl named Willow, who is very smart, but doesn’t fit in because of it. After being accused of cheating because of the fact that she got 100% on a test that no one else in California got a perfect score on, she has to see a counselor, and while there, she makes a friend named Mai, and when Willows parents die in a car crash, Mai stands with her. Because of that event, Willow is broken and refuses to go to school and even leaves custody at the hospital to go to the library, and it becomes obvious that Willow has killed every care she had for humanity and her life.

This is a great book and I recommend it if you like Realistic Fiction.

This is the book cover:

Three Sentence Summary: Counting By 7’s

My book, “Counting By 7’s”, by Holly Goldberg Sloan, is about a girl named Willow who is very smart but doesn’t fit in. When she gets 100% on a test that no one else in California got a perfect score on, she is accused of cheating by her principal and has to see a counselor, and while at a session, makes a friend there named Mai. Then her parents die in a car crash, and by hearing this news, Willow goes into a state of depression and starts keeping to herself.

This is a great book and I recommend it if you like realistic fiction like I do.


This is the book cover:

Book Partnership – Someday Angeline – Jot #1

For our first book partnership I am reading Someday Angeline by Louis Sachar. I am reading this book with Manu.

As we are reading we are jotting too. The biggest thing I noticed was

Angeline really cares about her dad because she wants to follow in his footsteps by becoming secretary of trash.

I noticed this on page 44. It stood out to me because it shows that Angeline really cares for her dad and even though most people think garbage collecting is a low job, Angeline really wants to ride his truck and maybe even become a garbage collector when she grows up. She has just become the secretary of garbage because she wants to be like her father. The job she has to do because she is the garbage secretary is, instead of going to recess, has to stay in an clean the garbage. What is crazy is that she actually likes it!

Book of the Month/Ted Talk Reflection

“One Plastic Bag” was mainly about not having plastic bags in Gambia. My favorite part was when Isatou Ceesay started selling the plastic purses because it was really inspirational. This book reminded me of the girls campaign to end plastic bags in Bali because it was really hard for both of them but they kept going. The message of this book is that kids can do things, not only adults. I think that this book is really inspirational because they did it even though everyone was mocking them.

Image result for one plastic bag

The Ted Talk about banning plastic bags in Bali is mainly about banning plastic bags in Bali. My favorite part was when they went on a hunger strike because they didn’t give up. This video reminds me of the book “One Plastic Bag” because they both were trying to take away plastic bags. The message of this video is kids can do things, even solve a HUGE problem. I think that this video is really good and important because it is inspirational.

Both of these stories really inspired me to think about what I would like to do to improve my community. In Scarsdale, where I live, there is a very big problem where people litter across the roads. I think I have learned from these two stories that no matter how big a problem is, if you are determined to fix it, it can be done!