Capstone Day Reflection

I just finished my Capstone presentation. it was on Thursday the 13 of 2019. My capstone topic question was what are Greek Myths? The first and last time that I presented to the audience my Capstone Ted Talk I was completely freaked out! I wondered where people going to like it? Did they think it was to long? I had changed the story I was going to tell during my introduction earlier that week. I had changed it from the story of Hades and Persephone to the story of how Athens in Greece supposedly got it’s name. I put a few links down below to show what my work looked like.

It all started with the research of course.

Then came the proposal.

After that the writing.

Lastly the pictures for my Ted Talk.

Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper was the first ever computer programer. The electronic you are now using would not be in front of you if Grace Hopper had not learned how to program a computer. Grace Hopper was so important that there is a very important conference, by the name of Woman In Tech.They call it The Grace Hopper celebration of woman in technology.Did you know that??? No you did not you probably did not even know that there was a Grace Hopper.










Here are some links to learn more:



Are dogs good pets?

Are dogs good pets? Lots of dogs you see on the street when they are out walking look furry and easy to care for. There is a secret dogs only look like that because their owner takes very good care of them. If you want to get a dog then you better know it is not easy. You have to: Walk it every day, Give it food every day, buy it toys, bones,a dog bed, a collar and a leash.All in all if you get use to it, it will be easy and you will have a nice furry dog.This is a picture of a furry dog.Isn’t it so cute.


Are kittens good pets?

Are Kittens Good Pets?

By Devin Topkara


Everyone should have a kitten as a pet. If more kittens had homes there would not be so many kittens on the streets. Many wild animals that live outside might want to eat homeless kittens.  Studies show that you should pet your kitten when you are really stressed out. Doing this, calms down your heart. Lastly, you should have a kitten as a pet because kittens are easy to care for.


Everyone should have a kitten as a pet because we are giving the kittens a home. If we do this, they will not be hunted in the wild. One time, someone I know went for a hike in the woods. On his hike, he found two kittens. He took the two kittens home and let them stay at his house. I got to see these kittens. They were trained very well.The kittens didn’t even bite, snap or bare their teeth. One of the kittens was afraid and shy, that’s all.  Now these kittens have a safe home and are happy.


Have you ever been stressed out? If you are really stressed out and you stroke your kitten, you calm down. Once I read about this in an article. My friend, Sumika, has a cat. She said,  “Cats do calm me down.” If you do not pass a test or you and your best friend are not friends anymore all you have to do is pet a cat to calm down.


Lastly, kittens are easy to care for. I recently interviewed two kids who have kittens. I asked them if their kitten were easy to care for. They both said yes. Kittens are easy to take care of because you don’t need to take them out for a walk, you don’t have to stay home with kittens and they don’t need a lot of attention.


In conclusion, you should get a kitten! Kittens are happiness. They are cute, you can cuddle with them and you can pet them all the time. Kittens are the best!



April Fools Day

April Fools Day is the best day for prank lovers. Some of the things people do is put plastic spiders on the stairs in the morning  to freak out their mom. Another thing you could do  is say that your cat died used to get a lot of attention. Also there is a bee on your head is used to freak out people. Another think you could do is put water in someone’s cereal.











I think that Sweethearts should be the official candy of Valentine’s Day because it’s called Sweethearts and Valentine’s Day is all about sweethearts and love. The sweethearts have a lot of love messages like “DEAR ONE” and a lot of others. I got my information from Storyworks Jr.

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