The important thing about Jacques Cartier.

The important thing about Jacques Cartier is that he discovered parts of Canada for France. Jacques studied navigation at a school in Dieppe, Northern France. His studies helped him a lot in his journeys. As a teenager, Cartier was interested in the mountains and rocky cliffs he saw that bordered the Grand Banks.  By 1524, he was able to assist Giovanni da Verrazano, an Italian navigator who worked for France, on an expedition along North America. On that journey, Cartier and the other men were the first ones to visit New York Harbor. Looking for gold and precious rocks, it is possible that he also traveled to Brazil in South America. He did not become wealthy, but his navigation skills were getting stronger. He also ended up marrying Catherine des Granches. But the important thing about Jacques Cartier is that he discovered parts of what is now Canada for France.

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  1. Akif,
    I think one of the best parts about your post on Jacques Cartier was how you said how his studies helped him be a successful explorer. I also like how what he did during his exploration.

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