Getting Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi people! I’m back. I just had a lot of work to do with school and study. But somehow I was able to squeeze blogging into there. But let’s focus on the important stuff. IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right! I’m now officially 10 years old. And I know what your thinking. (That’s right, I could read minds.) You are thinking ” Hey, what did you get for your birthday? “.  Well, I was just getting to that.

Two things (well, video game related items) for my birthday this year: Sonic Mania for Switch and DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2!!!!  And for all you people who don’t watch anime, Dragon Ball is basically a 5 star anime in my opinion. And this is the new game for the Nintendo Switch. I am putting the link to the trailer below for your review. Please leave your opinions in the comments. Looking forward to reading them. Bye Gamers! Stay tune for more…

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