Desert ecosystem.

Hey guys! Today, as you may see, there is a food web of the desert. In case you did not know, a food web is a bunch of animals and what they eat. The important thing about a food web is that it will, and always will start with the sun then it breaks down to the plants which are called producers because they make there own food. Then the consumers like the small lizards and bug eat the plants. Then they get eaten by bigger animals like Gila Monsters, Tarantulas, Snake etc. Most food webs are very complicated, but once you get into them, they make a lot of sense.

Food webs are a big part of the ecosystem. An ecosystem is the earth and it’s creatures interacting with each other. An ecosystem is the earth as we know it. This is the ecosystem of the desert. So there you have it folks! The desert food web! See you next post!

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