Working with Mr.DeBerry in non-fiction.

Hey guys, I’m back!!! Sorry I took so long to do another post. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2018. I have a lot to talk about. But I will be covering that in the next post. Right now, I’m here to talk about a project I was doing in my class. It’s basically a weather project. We paired up with people in  Ms. Burgers class and made groups and studied a natural disaster.


So let me tell you about what I liked about the project. I liked how we all worked together really well and got the project done. We did our best with the research and tried really hard the fix the slide. We each had our own opinion on how to arrange the slides. In the end we gathered up all of our research and it started to all make sense. I think we did a very good job and hope we do something like this in the future.


I think we could have improved it by giving it more details. We rushed through so we did not have any time to put some fun facts, puns, or pictures to help us remember it. I think if we had more time to work on it, we could have added a lot more information to the slide. We could have included better text features and should have gave more videos that could have helped the audience understand better.  So if I ever, ever, ever have any other projects like this one, I would like to include the things that I said I would in that passage.



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  1. Akif, you can do another project any time you want! You don’t need a school assignment to research something and then do a project! This is a great place to post about things you are passionate about. Do some research! Become an expert!

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