For winter break I went to Maui in Hawaii. We had a great time. First we went to New Jersey to get to the airport. But we did not travel straight to Maui. We first went to los Angeles and then we went to the plane to Maui. The hotel we went to was called Hyatt regency.

The next day, we all went to the beach and explored around the hotel. And after my sisters went to the pool, me and my dad went to a sushi place.

The next day. I finally went to the pool’s water slide. Or so I thought. It was closed because of the time. So I tried to do the next day. But I could not because my family was going on a trip to Hana. If you don’t know, Hana is one of the main reasons people come to Maui. It’s supposed to be an  experience of a life time. It was pretty cool. They even had a stop that had a beach with black sand. Really, look it up. We had tacos on the way there. We were so tired when we got back at the hotel I could barely even walk.

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