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Adorable Blue-Eyed robot teaches infants to communicate                                                                  

In this article by Sarah Benton Feitlinger, a robot named RAVE ( Robot Avatar Thermal Enhancement ) is helping infants to speak. I know what you are thinking. Why can’t the parents teach the babies how to speak. Though that is a good idea, but some parents cannot do this due to long schedules or if there child is deaf. So that is why they invented this robot. The learning process begins when the robots thermal cameras detect small changes in body temperature, with is associated with alertness. This, combined with the babies engaged expression on its face, causes the robot to turn its head and guides the baby’s attention to the computer screen. For example, if the baby points at the computer screen, the robot may say something, then the robot would put on a video that teaches the infant words in ASL, or English.

I chose this article because I know how it feels like to never have a family member around. I used to never have my father around. So this is for kids like me without any parents to help them speak. This robot is a life saver to the world. They even help deaf people. This helps all people. I think that the people that made this robot had empathy for all the kids out there. If this was in my time, we would have no need for school. I’m not saying that school should be canceled, but speece lessons are a definite no.    

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Tweet: A robot that can teach kids to speak? This will end the work of parents trying to teach their kids to speak.


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  1. I like how you thought that other people might think that the robot is just a waste, but then you said all the examples why it is not a waste. In your Personal Response I liked how you said that this is for people like you that have felt that you have no parents, and that you used to never see your father, that sounds hard, but what you said is a good way for people to understand, what the robot is for. Great job.
    – Heather

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