Video games are the best hobby.

Many people have different hobbies. Art,Cooking,Sports, even Math! But for me, the best hobby will always be videogames. People always say that video games are bad for you. But the way I see it, videogames are a path that anyone could take. The reasons I like video games are because  it helps with friends, it helps with stress relief, and most importantly,it gives you better hand coordination.

The first reason I think video games are the best hobby is because it helps with friends.  For example, one time, when my friend Nick came over to my house, he was all gloomy about the day he had. “ Hey Akif “ he said in a pessimistic voice. I could tell he was not having a really good day. “ Hey Nick, I just got a new game on my switch, want to play? “ I asked him. “ Sure” he replied. I showed him how to play and he ended up really liking the game. “ This is awesome! “ he yelled in and enthusiastic voice.I was really happy that he was not sad anymore. I think video games helps with friends is because I cheered him up. I think video games help with friends because we played well with each other.          

Not only do video games help with friends, but it also helps with stress. An example of that is, once, I was stressed after a basketball game. We had just lost and nobody had passed to me. It was like I was never even there. It was flatout a bad day. “ I wish I had just participated “  I told myself. So I just did what I would normally do. Play video games. I got out my console and started to play. I played for 20 minutes, and everything bad about my day turned to flames. My sister came into my room and said, “ How was your game “. “ What game? “ I replied. Video games help with stress because they calm you down. Video games help with stress because it keeps you occupied.

Perhaps the most important reason that video games are the best hobby is that it helps with hand coordination.  An example of this is when I wanted to learn to type fast. I used to always want to type fast. I used to see my dad type really fast and I wanted to do it to. But for some reason I just could not get it. “ Why can’t I do it like my dad can” I thought to myself.  So I started to storm the internet for a way to type fast. “ I can’t find anything! “ I said to myself. So for a break, I went on my computer to play online video games. And the next thing I know, I memorised all the keys from the video game. The next day at school, when I wrote something in the computer lab, I noticed that I started to notice that I was typing fast. “Is this really happening?” I told myself. I think that you should try to play computer games to improve your hand coordination. I think video games helps with had coordination because they help you memorize the keys fast. I think video games help you with hand coordination because it does not require much time to master as other methods.


So those are this reasons I think video games are the best hobby.This is important because people think that video games is a TV and a controller. But the way I see it, video games are a whole new world. It’s a world we have access to on a TV screen. Video games are something you should embrace as a child. It should be past on. But always remember this. There is a game for everybody.

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