Getting Splatoon 2 and youtube channel!!!!!!!!

Hey guys. I’m back. Sorry that I did not spend a lot of time doing the blog-posts lately. I’ve just been with my family this spring break and did not really have any time for blog posts. But enough chit-chat, lets get right into today’s post. As the title suggests, I am getting a new game. I’m pretty sure a lot of gamers out there know what Splatoon 2 . And if you are not familiar with the game, it is basically about creatures called Inklings and they are half squid and half human. And you can customize your Inkling and to online battles with ink guns. I will put the trailer here.

Okay, now that we got Splatoon 2 out of the way, I could tell you about the other thing. In the title of this post it said that I also had a YouTube channel. And I do. It’s called Domni King. I just made my forth video 3 or 4 weeks ago. . Please visit the channel and subscribe. That’s all I have for today, so you you on the next post. Later gamers.


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