Title: Festo’s Bionic Flying Fox Bats And Somersaulting Robotic Spiders Are Incredible

Source : Dogo News

Article Date : April 19th 2018

Summary:  In this article by Daksha Morjaria, a Germany company named Festo has reportedly created a robot version of fruit bats, also called flying fox. This robotic replica weighs 20 ounces and has a wingspan close to 90 inches.

The biggest challenge when creating this masterpiece is trying to copy its aerodynamic wings. Controlled by two motors, they contain a primary and secondary section that copies the bat’s movements as good as it can. “The models flying membrane if wafer-thin and ultra whilst also robust.” said Festo. It consists of two airtight films and a knitted elastane fabric, which are welded together at approximately 45,000 points.

Due to its elasticity, it stays almost uncreased, even when the wings are retracted. The fabric’s honeycomb structure prevents small cracks in the flying membrane from getting bigger. This means that the bionic flying fox can continue to fly even if the fabric sustains minor damage.

Personal Response : I chose this article because it is cool how throughout the years, mankind is starting to make more realistic robotic versions of animals! I really hope they make more robots that could help us in the future.

Tweet: A robotic bat! First the manta ray, then the dog Aibo, and now this? Sooner or later we are going to start making robotic flies!!! DAU #foxmeadowpride @dogonews.


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