Hi everyone. Today I want to talk about Kirby Star Allies game for the Nintendo Switch.  This is a new game that I want to get for a detailed review. But let me tell you more about the game itself. Since the game has not come out yet, we don’t know the entire storyline. What we do know is the gameplay features.

First of all, it’s 2D. So no 3D!  Secondly, there is a new feature called “make a friend”. Basically, Kirby, the main character, could make new friends by throwing a heart at them. You could also use their power and customize your weapon.

I’ll show you a video on the gameplay so you can see for yourself. The release date is March 16th. This looks like a great game, so I’ll keep an eye on this when it comes out.

See you on the next post!

Working with Mr.DeBerry in non-fiction.

Hey guys, I’m back!!! Sorry I took so long to do another post. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2018. I have a lot to talk about. But I will be covering that in the next post. Right now, I’m here to talk about a project I was doing in my class. It’s basically a weather project. We paired up with people in  Ms. Burgers class and made groups and studied a natural disaster.


So let me tell you about what I liked about the project. I liked how we all worked together really well and got the project done. We did our best with the research and tried really hard the fix the slide. We each had our own opinion on how to arrange the slides. In the end we gathered up all of our research and it started to all make sense. I think we did a very good job and hope we do something like this in the future.


I think we could have improved it by giving it more details. We rushed through so we did not have any time to put some fun facts, puns, or pictures to help us remember it. I think if we had more time to work on it, we could have added a lot more information to the slide. We could have included better text features and should have gave more videos that could have helped the audience understand better.  So if I ever, ever, ever have any other projects like this one, I would like to include the things that I said I would in that passage.



Desert ecosystem.

Hey guys! Today, as you may see, there is a food web of the desert. In case you did not know, a food web is a bunch of animals and what they eat. The important thing about a food web is that it will, and always will start with the sun then it breaks down to the plants which are called producers because they make there own food. Then the consumers like the small lizards and bug eat the plants. Then they get eaten by bigger animals like Gila Monsters, Tarantulas, Snake etc. Most food webs are very complicated, but once you get into them, they make a lot of sense.

Food webs are a big part of the ecosystem. An ecosystem is the earth and it’s creatures interacting with each other. An ecosystem is the earth as we know it. This is the ecosystem of the desert. So there you have it folks! The desert food web! See you next post!

Getting Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi people! I’m back. I just had a lot of work to do with school and study. But somehow I was able to squeeze blogging into there. But let’s focus on the important stuff. IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right! I’m now officially 10 years old. And I know what your thinking. (That’s right, I could read minds.) You are thinking ” Hey, what did you get for your birthday? “.  Well, I was just getting to that.

Two things (well, video game related items) for my birthday this year: Sonic Mania for Switch and DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2!!!!  And for all you people who don’t watch anime, Dragon Ball is basically a 5 star anime in my opinion. And this is the new game for the Nintendo Switch. I am putting the link to the trailer below for your review. Please leave your opinions in the comments. Looking forward to reading them. Bye Gamers! Stay tune for more…

The important thing about Jacques Cartier.

The important thing about Jacques Cartier is that he discovered parts of Canada for France. Jacques studied navigation at a school in Dieppe, Northern France. His studies helped him a lot in his journeys. As a teenager, Cartier was interested in the mountains and rocky cliffs he saw that bordered the Grand Banks.  By 1524, he was able to assist Giovanni da Verrazano, an Italian navigator who worked for France, on an expedition along North America. On that journey, Cartier and the other men were the first ones to visit New York Harbor. Looking for gold and precious rocks, it is possible that he also traveled to Brazil in South America. He did not become wealthy, but his navigation skills were getting stronger. He also ended up marrying Catherine des Granches. But the important thing about Jacques Cartier is that he discovered parts of what is now Canada for France.

Jacques Cartier     Exploring the world Cartier

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Getting the Switch

Now, most times I don’t post twice a day, but I just had to make this clear to you guys. I just got the Nintendo Switch. So for all those non-gamers, the Nintendo Switch is the newest console that came out in the entire world. It has all these different features that no other gaming company has ever master. All the games created on the Switch goes at 60 frames per second!!! And I got the two newest games on the Switch. So, there it is, me getting a Switch. And I may upload a video explaining what the Switch is, and all of it’s special features. Anyway, that’s it for today. Later bloggers.

Whats up world!!!

Hello world!!! My name is Akif and I am nine years old. I live with my Mom and Dad, along with my two sisters. I am in fourth grade.


In my spare time I like to play video games. I’ve always been interested in video games. Ever since I was little my favorite gaming character was Sonic the hedgehog. The first sonic game I ever played  was Sonic lost world, for the 3ds. I was a great way to start my gaming experience. After that, I always had admired Sonic after that. And I still play much more of the games. The latest Sonic game I played was Sonic Mania. I like it  because 1. It has a burst of color every where. 2. I got the version where you can get different mods.3. You can get Super Sonic. At first when I was a kid, I had no idea what was Sonic’s name, so I just called him blue mouse. So you should expect me to post a lot about video games. Well, see you next post!