A New School Year

A new school year always brings a new beginning.  It also brings the mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness as we face the unknown.  Then we meet one another and soon the pieces fall into place.  Within a short time, we have gotten to know each other, adjusted to the routines, embraced the curriculum, and […]

Extreme Weather Presentations

Class 4W utilized internet, print, and library resources to research, take notes, synthesize multiple sources, and work in project “teams” with 4G to create multimedia presentations.  We studied and practiced identifying different text structures, tackling tricky vocabulary, figuring out the “hard parts” of nonfiction, summarizing our knowledge, and having meaningful conversations.  We then worked together […]

Love That Book

-Might be a Spoiler Alert- We dabbled in poetry this month with a read aloud titled Love That Dog by Newberry Medal Winner Sharon Creech. This lyrical novel introduced the class to many different types of poetry through the growing interest of Jack, a character who began the book by stubbornly insisting to his teacher […]

A Caldecott Honor

Last week, our fabulous librarian, Ms. Byrnes shared some beautiful picture books that were nominated for the prestigious Caldecott Medal. The talent of the authors and illustrators awed us. These books led to many discussions about authors’ craft and life lessons. As a fourth grade teacher, it was especially gratifying to observe my students noticing […]

A “Bridge” Between the Grades

Many weeks ago, we embarked upon a joint project with a fifth grade class. Our goal was to have collaboration between the grades while completing a challenging STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) activity.  We were to work in teams researching, designing, building, and decorating bridges made out of Popsicle sticks. These bridges were to […]

Welcome to Our Blogs

I am so excited to be entering the wonderful world of blogging, along with my fourth grade class.  Together we will explore how to best express ourselves and highlight our interests, activities, and accomplishments.  We are all students, learning and growing each day.  We thank you for your interest, and welcome comments that are positive […]