Writing Long an Strong on Jots – Character

Harry is relieved that the castle is empty so that Malfoy (his evil arch enemy that teases him) can not annoy him. He likes it because he has time to figure out the puzzle of the golden egg, which he won from the first task of the Triwizard Tournament. He really is happy to be with Ron and Hermione (his two best friends) and relax.
I understand why Harry is relieved because because Malfoy is a real git to Harry, he teases him, he says Hermione is a “filthy mudblood”(which is a terrible name to call someone if their muggle-born), blurts out that Ron is poor and and rubd it in his face, and he always tries to humiliate Harry in front of the other students. Malfoy is always mean to Harry because he didn’t except his friendship in his first year at Hogwarts.
The golden egg puzzle is a really hard thing to figure out because it emits a screaming/wailing sound when opened. The answer is only reveled when it is opened under water. Harry finds out that the merpeople living in Black Lake have taken something from him. Harry is now ready for the second task!

Welcome to 2016-2017

It is a new school year! I’m pretty excited about 4th Grade and it is really frightening sometimes. I really hope we do fun stuff this year and I am thankful for a really nice teacher. I zipped past all the years and i’m surprised that I am in 4th Grade already. It is a new experience for me, but I am ready for a awesome year.