This guy is very smart and he explains everything. I lve him so much! I watch him at home all the time, and he has everything just for the right occasion. Here are some videos, hope you like him.


Since my fans liked my first walkthrough so much, I guess you can have some more Batman. I want you to start playing this game because it is the most fun out of every video game I have ever played. Please, enjoy these walkthroughs, so then you can know what the game is like. But don’t play to much, because it can be bad for you, so I suggest breaks every so often, and play recomended only on the weekend, recommend 4 hours for Saturday and sunday combined, because you need some time outside too.



List Poem – HW

Hello, since i’m going to bed in a few minutes, (it’s like, 10:30), i’m going to do my list poem here.


Made of plastic



or wood

we drink from them,

that’s what we do.

filled with juice,



or wine

we drink from them,

that’s what we do


I found my first sleep away camp today! It sounds awesome and I love it! It is called Camp Tohkomeupog in New Hampshire near the White Mountains and next to Purity Lake. I think I will go for 2 Р4 weeks since it is a choice, but I am definitely  going as long as I can. I am sure to have good bunk mates and and counselor.


I love electronics, don’t you?? Electronics may have a bad reputation but i’ll prove that they don’t. For example, yesterday I downloaded Finale, a app on the computer which you can write your own music and choose different instruments to write with, and it’s awesome! Now I can write music freely whenever I want to on the computer instead of writing it on paper. Also, when i’m bored I can play video games, (for a limited amount of time). My favorite is called Batman: Arkham City, and I got to hand it to the creators, its awesome! The game is based on where you are Batman and bring justice to Gotham. The game is mainly based on when Batman is in Arkham City, a part of gotham that is a giant neighborhood/prison for people. The game also features classic Batman villains from the DC comics. These villains are like Joker, Two-Face, Hugo Strange, and Ras al Ghul. Right now i’m facing Clay Face, Jokers main servant. The plot is also really twisted. Batman’s friend killed Joker but it turns out it wasn’t Joker and it was Clay Face, so then the REAL Joker shot Batman’s friend in the back and it left me like ?. Video games are also good because me and my brother have quality time together. We play Call of Duty and it is really fun. That is why I like electronics so much.?

Warning: Only for Children above 10 years