This year we have done rocketry! When my teacher first said it, I was very optimistic about it. Then we got shuffled and put in groups. We named our group J.E.X.L after the first letter in each of our names. We thought that it would be a sort of N.A.S.A. sort of thing. Then for homework, we had to bring in ideas and pictures for the inspiration board. It was really fun when we printed out pictures of different rockets and rocket launches. Also for homework, we got to study Isaac Newton and his laws of motion to help us better understand the physics behind the rockets. Then we glued and designed our Inspiration Boards. It looked nice with the frilly cuts and the different colors. But the important part was that it inspired us on what to do when building and launching. Now, we are bringing in materials to build them and I am in charge of cardboard. It will be so fun to launch!

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