Constitution Project

We are working on a Constitution Project. This is where we study People, Events, Places, Technology, Art, and documents of the Constitutional Period. We rolled die to pick which one we were doing. There was another dice that had Video, Design Something, Explain Everything, Social Media, Padlet, and a photonovel. I rolled and got technology and design something. There were choices and I chose the printing press.


Yesterday, I built the main parts of my printing press. The 10-inch thing was made of plywood with bolts and screws. First,  I sawed the wood with my dad. It was hard since the saw got stuck most of the time in the wood. The press works by the main bolt in the middle called a platen. There is a dowel that you press down so the main board presses ink on to the paper. Next, we drilled holes into the pieces. The first piece we had to have a 1-inch drill bit to drill not all the way down. This is the ink board were the platen ends. We screwed together most of it but we still need to screw the board.