On Tuesday, Dec. 5 we went on a trip to the New York Hall of Science in Queens. I was really excited when I first heard this and when I left in the permission slip, I was dancing around the classroom, (excuse me). We went on the bus trip which was boring, but when we went through the doors there was this mars rover waiting for us. The Cooper kids immediately went and started playing with it, but my group had to go upstairs. It was fine since we went up to the “sports” area. Inside, there was a pitching net that told you how many mph your fastball went, a surfing simulator, racing reaction time, and a wheelchair race. Downstairs, we heard people scream “EEWWW”, so that meant that meant some real science was going down. When it was time to go downstairs, we were introduced to a whole workshop filled with dispensers of smell. The worst one was the one of yeast. It said it was real, but I didn’t believe it. I think this because me and my mom were baking Swedish Christmas buns, and when the dough was yeasting, it was nothing like the smell at the museum. I think they try to do that because they wanted to gross us out . There was this hall of mirrors that was cool because there were mirrors that made us short midgets and another one that made us really tall. There was also an example of bubbles when we got to rim dish soap in metal rings to make huge bubbles. It was soo fun. The people at the bubbles were pugnacious to get  a spot on the line so I suggested not to go again. When we went home, I was very sad, so I plan to come here again sometime with my family.