Rube Goldberg #2

We just completed building our Rube Goldberg. We had many Debates [arguments] about what we should do when filming and what not, and I am excited. All we need to do is 1. Take pictures of our design, 2. Complete the task successfully, and 3. Is to make our video. I am considerably worried that we can’t make this in time but Marcello suggested that we ask our teacher for an extra day to complete it. I honestly think that we might fail but I got my hopes up in the last few days. We first had arguments about wherever to make our Rube Goldberg unique or not, I was on the unique side sine I wanted ours to stand out among the other projects. In the end, I was a combination of both. we had many unique tubes and a simple task [pouring baking soda in vinegar] but we also had balls and dominoes and what not. I am happy that we have a good completed task but I am still worried about the filming. We had another argument about the introduction. We planed to make another Introduction but I thought that the other one was fine. He said that we should explain the whole Rube in video on every trial, but I said that we already had an introduction that explained everything that came before all the tries, so we wound’t have to explain it again. But we are going to complete this today.

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