Immigration Project

Today, me and Arav just finished filming our stop motion film. It describes the immigrants in the early 20th century settling and trying to fit into the complex civilisation of New york at that time. It shows the immigrants living their life in New York, including their dining, working, and home experience. I have learned a lot on how poor people lived in the 1920s & 30s. Me and Arav argued a lot. One example is that, he wanted to start a new stop motion movie for the second half and I just said that we should stay with the same movie since their was no point for it. We ended up having to stop filming and go do something else. Well, that was good filming time lost. I am happy for today because we completed the stop motion, and the movie where you put together the clips with titles and audio. Since we couldn’t ¬†get speech bubbles in iMovie, we had to have volunteers to say the character parts. I like how successful we are so far.

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