Coronavirus Homework

A deadly virus is infecting thousands of people across the world, and medical officials have finally pinpointed the source of this scary outbreak. The source, Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, in Wuhan, China. The first human to become infected has most likely received it from the variety of live and dead animals that this market sells, such as wolf pups, crocodiles, foxes, snakes, rats and peacocks. As of midnight on Sunday, 2744 cases have been confirmed and 81 people have died. The Chinese government has extended the lunar new year holiday and has completely quarantined Hubei province.

I honestly think that the Chinese government has made the right moves. They need to act fast and support different medical companies to develop vaccines for this virus. Everyone everywhere needs to act carefully and protect themselves from getting infected, so that this virus can be eliminated before it becomes too late. Humans have advanced enough to be careful of diseases and plagues, yet I hope that this doesn’t spiral out of control and wipe out large portions of the human population.