Humans are naturally wasteful, and they like to have disposable things, due to the natural laziness caused by the standard of living. They don’t want to spend the effort of keeping them for the better of the things around them. They prefer to use it once and to get red of it. This has consequences of course, such as the death of animals and plants by plastic pollution and other types of pollution, but humans don’t really care. We put the used material into a pit where it will never break down, and it will only poison the air around it with harmful gas. Humans also did something particularly stupid when they made a common disposable object last forever and never decompose. We use the worst material for common disposable use, and it will just get more expensive as oil runs out. It is very disappointing to see our race fall so far behind in waste management, and it will come bite us later if we don’t do anything about it.

1 thought on “Plastics

  1. It is disappointing to realize that many plastics that CAN be recycled, aren’t.
    Like anything else, it’s likely because people find it too inconvenient, or too expensive (or both!) to bother, even if it is damaging to the environment.

    My town has limited recycling. I was happy to discover that Scarsdale recycles much more aggressively than my town — so I actually wash my recyclable materials and bring them to school to recycle – is that silly? Some days it feels like an awful lot of work for … what? I’m one person? Does it really make a difference if no one else is trying as hard as I am to do it?

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