Capstone Presentation and Reflection

When I woke up on Tuesday, you can’t really say that I was nervous. I was around nervous x 15 x 10 to the 38th power. I was like this because way in the morning before the capstone presentation, there was this ceremony called the moving up ceremony. This was when we sang in front of all the parents and showed that we were “moving up to middle school”. I was playing piano as the precessional and I was playing a really hard piece that I only learned two days ago and it was a bit shaky. This combined with the factor that I was presenting an unprepared presentation. Then I figured out that “Oh wow, I am presenting first as well.” Let’s just say that It was not a great scenario. I was thinking that all this work and progress is going to be broken down into some twitching words and uncoordinated slides. Capstone has been really fun. experience for me and I hope we get to do something like this again in middle school. I learned a very crucial thing in this project: You should never slack off if you think a project is long term, for it is not. You had to every da to make the project your best, but I skipped most days, and I payed at the end for working the hardest I ever worked at the end. I vow that I shall never repeat this behavior in a project ever again.

Half of my nervousness retreated when I played the peice well with only one mistake. I recieved a wooping crowd and I was enormously relieved. There was still a huge wall ahead of me on the road to relaxation. This was my Capstone Presentation. I had not memorized my script, but my dad said it was okay as long as you don’t stare at your note cards the whole time. I strategy I used while presenting my presentation was that l Iooked at the back wall instead of the people. Unfortunatly, my presentation was 11 min long. It was wierd since it felt like it was done in 2 seconds. Even stranger, my teacher told me that I did agreat job. Turns out, I did do a great job since many people including my parents siad the same thing. My parents are honest, so when they said I did good, I believe them. Hope we get to do something like this in middle school, but for now, summer here we come.

Capstone Site Visit

Yesterday, My Mom and I traveled to a Rheumatologist’s office. It took us a while to find her office since the address was a huge building with multiple offices and businesses. When my mom and I finally found a door to the doctor’s offices, there was a phone box with buttons on it and you were supposed to press the button that matched the doctor you were calling. We looked at the sheet and the Rheumatologist was P3. There was no P3 button on the box. It turns out there was another door on the opposite side of the building and it had a phone box with P3 on it. The thing is, it didn’t have a sheet with the phone box, so we had to had went to the other door to learn the button for the Rheumatologist. That was such a bad system. Once we were inside, me and my Mom found her and she told us to wait inside a room until her patient comes. She showed us some Rheumatology text books on what immune diseases you can have. There was this immune disease where your immune system attack your arteries, causing them to inflame and swell. The blood has to push hard to get through these lumps that forms inside the arteries. She said that once she had a patient with that disease thats blood clogged and stopped. He passed away, she said, and he was only 26. Then after that, she invited me in. The patient was a Hispanic House maid. She had come in with complaints of pain in her hands and shoulders and knees. The Rheumatologist asked her around 20 questions of what diseases and symptoms she had before. She paused and said to me that she was asking all these questions to eliminate the thousands diseases and reasons that this could be caused by. When she finished the questions, she asked her to get onto the patient chair. The Rheumatologist did multiple tests on her and she let me listen to her heart through the stethoscope. She calculated that she had osteoarthritis, the old persons arthritis. This disease is caused by the bones rubbing together, destroying the cartilage, the soft stuff in between joints so that isn’t painful to move. I hope my capstone will benefit from this visit.


Here are some pictures:

Capstone Topic and Questions

Capstone is a research project where you study something that you have chosen over a course of 2 months and then you share your research through a TED Talk or


The first topic for Capstone that I wanted to study was Chemistry. My mom didn’t want to do this because she was afraid that I might “blow up the house”. Why would I do that!! We argued so I decided to do my second choice, Human anatomy. Today I generated my main research question.  My first Idea for my question was “How does the human body work and what are the threats to it?” I showed it to my teacher this question and she said it was too broad, and that how were you supposed to explain every single part of the human body just in a slideshow? I decided to take her advice to expand upon what is dangerous to the human body. So, I changed it to “What are the threats to the human body and how does it protect itself?” Both my question partners said it was a 4. We have this grading system for Inquiry Questions. A 1 is a question that is answered in one word. A 2 is a slightly broader question that is answered in a sentence. A 3 is a question that is not too small but not too broad either. A 4 is an absolutely perfect question that takes a long time  There is a grade for Research Questions, and 4 is the best with an answer that spans your whole capstone project.

It took a while to brainstorm some of my subquestions. They are, What are the different systems in the human body?What role does mucus play? What is the difference between Voluntary and Involuntary actions? Why do we breathe? What is the process from the brain to the limb or body part when we move? What happens to the body when we sleep? How are medicines produced? How do doctors research cures for diseases? How long is a typical surgery? What is inside a cell?

For my final product, I am thinking of making diagram of the different systems in the human body and how it defends itself.