Humans are naturally wasteful, and they like to have disposable things, due to the natural laziness caused by the standard of living. They don’t want to spend the effort of keeping them for the better of the things around them. They prefer to use it once and to get red of it. This has consequences of course, such as the death of animals and plants by plastic pollution and other types of pollution, but humans don’t really care. We put the used material into a pit where it will never break down, and it will only poison the air around it with harmful gas. Humans also did something particularly stupid when they made a common disposable object last forever and never decompose. We use the worst material for common disposable use, and it will just get more expensive as oil runs out. It is very disappointing to see our race fall so far behind in waste management, and it will come bite us later if we don’t do anything about it.

Space Travel

I am still astounded on how humans have managed to beat all odds, build a machine that can travel to another celestial body, and come back, while preserving the humans inside. And all of this happened 60 years ago. It still boggles my mind. Due to immense amount of time I spent playing a space simulator, I now understand how this works, but I still can’t see how humans did this before they even invented CD’s. The computer onboard the spacecraft had the around the same computing power as a handheld calculator today. But humans still pushed through the technological barrier and reached for the stars, and they managed to do it, which is really inspiring.

Clearcutting Quote

“There are well over 50,000 forest land owners in Oregon, each with different objectives for their forests. For many, harvesting trees is part of the management plan.” 


A landowner is going to use his/her land for something, for it is not very profitable to do nothing with the land you just brought. A landowner is somehow going to exploit the natural resources in the land, and make money by selling it off to manufacturers. The most obvious and common use of this land would be lumber and trees, but you can also use it for something else.

If I was a forest landowner, I would exploit the other natural resources around the wood, and the wood itself. I would invest in finding oil or natural gas under the land, and I would look for hunting opportunities in the forest as well. I would want to sell the meat or the pelts of animals to manufacturers. After the lumber, I would exploit the land for planting more and more trees, making it better for industry and the ecosystem.

Why do Girls and Boys ask differently?

I am not an expert on this topic, nor am I going to say anything controversial, but I am going to explain this anomaly in my point of view. Saying from my experience, I say that most boys are less organized and less productive in schoolwork/homework, and they need reminders with their homework and they often forget, so they ask last minute on the Zoom classes. They also don’t have the effort to write an email when there is a problem. (This has been true for me, so I am saying this purely on my experience). Girls however, are more organized and they stay true to the task, and they are prepared to write any email and spend time to write it. They prefer writing instead of talking.(This has been true with other people in my family, so I am basing it on that). Some boys(like me) simply don’t want to spend extra effort writing an email when you can ask the teacher directly in their own words.

Coronavirus Homework

A deadly virus is infecting thousands of people across the world, and medical officials have finally pinpointed the source of this scary outbreak. The source, Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, in Wuhan, China. The first human to become infected has most likely received it from the variety of live and dead animals that this market sells, such as wolf pups, crocodiles, foxes, snakes, rats and peacocks. As of midnight on Sunday, 2744 cases have been confirmed and 81 people have died. The Chinese government has extended the lunar new year holiday and has completely quarantined Hubei province.

I honestly think that the Chinese government has made the right moves. They need to act fast and support different medical companies to develop vaccines for this virus. Everyone everywhere needs to act carefully and protect themselves from getting infected, so that this virus can be eliminated before it becomes too late. Humans have advanced enough to be careful of diseases and plagues, yet I hope that this doesn’t spiral out of control and wipe out large portions of the human population.


At last, the infamous unit at the end of tech, automata. The self oparating machine that only requires a turn of the handle. My fist idea was going to be a herd of bulls that requireda catipilla mechanism inside the machine. Basically the whole class was intending to have the same idea, so I decided to do something else. I then came up with the idea of a bird. There would be one central piston at the top, being forced upward by an egg-shaped gear on a horizontal axel. This would be topped by a bird that elevates repeatingly alonsgside the egg shaped gear. The wings would be held in place to create a flying illusion. I will talk more in depth about the creation process tommorow.


Behold, a new project revealed today. Flashlights. Apperently, you are supposed to save these Thaiwanese kids who are trapped in a cave with falshlights made of PVC pipe. My brain was brewing with a soup of ideas, yet half of them were killed when our teacher said they needed to fit in a specific small area. When he also said that they need to be waterproof, all of my my original ideas were absolutly slaughtered. There was only one little spark left in my head;a small, wrist held flashlight. After much vigourus diagramming, I was going to put it up to the test. The first second that I showed my hard work to my teacher, he rejected it and said that it didn’t fit in the box. Arghh! I will report about the rest tomorrow.

Switches 2

Now it’s time to talk about the third switch. First of all, I had this interesting idea. There would be a piece of cardboard with a line cut inside it with a second flap of cardboard inside this line. You would have to pull back to create contact between the smaller flap and a wall of aluminum at the back, closing the circuit. There would also be a rubber band at the front creating resistance, so you did not have to pull the flap forward again when you desired to open the switch. Here is where it starts going sideways. The whole that I cut in the large piece of cardboard was not long enough for the flap to fully touch the back wall, so then I thought the back wall could rotate to the cardboard as the flap touches the bottom. I still shun myself for being such an idiot. The flap still can’t  touch the bottom because it was too small & short. Eventually, the final idea that came out of me was to use this new rotating lever to press down on the flap. People asked why there was a long hole in the cardboard and it was painful to lie to them. I hope that never happens again.


Amazing! I finished every single one of my switches. Surprisingly, only one came out to match my vivid thoughts. I deeloped my first Idea over a course of a few days. There would be a wheel that turned a central axis that in turn turned a flap to come in contact with some aluminum that finally would activate the battery. After a few troubles with hot glue (ouch), the switch finally turned into what I dreamed it to be! Okay, here is when it gets wierd. I planned for my second switch to invovle a lever pushing another lever down to a bed of tinfoil, closing the switch. Here is a picture of this:

It actually became the reverse of what I planned it to become. Instead of appying force to the back lever, the switch was repurposed to push the front lever in opposite motion. It was not what I intended, but it worked. The last switch would take a lot of explaining, so I will do that in another post.


At long last, we are learning about soldering. Solddering= Basically hot glue with molten metal instead. You can use tis technique to glue different parts of circuits together while still being conductive. When constructing a circuit, using hot glue will stop the flow of electrons through the circuit. When you do this, the circuit is no longer closed, so it will not work. On Monday, we will actually start using this incredible machine. I have this great idea for a switch that I can’t wait to make a reality.