Building Our Colony

Building our colony was fun. Some of my friends say ” It is hard to build its not that fun to build fun” but I did not agree. Building the colony was hard though they were not wrong but just making something makes you feel proud and that’s one of the reasons why I like building but it’s fun because you get to be apart of something an you get to make whatever you want and your idea is into what you build. Then you get to paint what you build. Like if you made a house you would paint brown or maybe black or any color you would choose. Painting was my favorite but I left a bucket of paint on the roof and it fell on my head! But that didn’t stop me! It was really messy but it was funny. I kept on building and some walls had wholes in them so I had to put more wood. Even though it was fun building and painting I was getting worried if we run out of material. I did tell everybody but then when then the people who were building showed a lot more supplies then I said next to me and everybody else. I kept on building. I was building the fence to protect everybody from any danger. I also made my house and it was fun actually getting to build it and see how it looks like. I would say I did a good job. I painted my house brown and some people painted there’s black me and everybody else painted the fence green from in and outside. I would say there were no arguing and some times we just had to go what other people did. I must say it is much easier to stick to what people did then arguing about what people did. Also if we did argue then I would think we would not have any houses finished! But every house is made out of wood so I think we will be good. So far everything is fun and everybody is agreeing and I am sure everybody is ready for cold weather.

The land of Poetry.

Poetry was great to show feelings. When we were doing poetry in class I had so many idea’s and one of them were called ” The Ocean Wave”. I got that the idea from a drawing I made at home. I also made one called ” Wonders we are”. I got inspired by the book “We are all wonders!”. Also poetry is not only about rhyming. It’s also about writing stories and making them how you like it. Poetry is a word of thought. poetry is a word of art. poetry is a beautiful thing.

The Vacation!

(Day 0)

On the sweating and steaming car I said “ARE WE THERE YET?!” and the answer I heard was “NO” I was tired waiting to get to the hotel It was 90% outside and I was in the car with all the windows open but still IT WAS HOT! Finally I heard the greatest words that would make my day NOW WE ARE HERE.I noticed the doors opening I heard the chatting at the hotel… we were there! ” I can’t believe we are here!”. My brother said “Relax your making us look weird” but I didn’t care what he said or what people thought about me I was spinning and twirling around in the air conditioned Hotel. It was a long time to get our room for something I don’t know I just heard the person at the register and my dad talking and I heard  BLAH BLAH BLAH this and that BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!” But of course we ended up getting a room. I was waiting for our special guest’s to get here then I heard the voice I was waiting for . guys it’s me! I open’d the door and had a huge smile on my face it was my cousin! I was ready to do a 9 day Vacation at where I was born… Israel.

(DAY 1)

I had my bathing suit on and ready to go to the best place to cool off the Beach everyone was ready! “Time to go I!” I yelled all my cousins were not ready, Well I was not surprised I am always the first one to get ready because I didn’t really care what I was wearing I just wanted to do the event. Okay everyone was ready, lets roll! We arrived at the beach we all went surfing the best!!! WELL…. just because we were not experts does not mean we can’t try? But I never knew what was under the sea, So did my other cousin…. My other cousin swimming across the salty ocean being so brave but remember when I said that my other cousin didn’t know also what were under the ocean well that’s what exactly what happened I heard the scream from my other cousin he got stung. He dashed over to his mom and went inside the hotel, After that I did not know what else to think that’s when I got scared of the beach I would never like to go there ever again but It wasn’t my choice.

(Day 2)

Today I went to the beach again I was not excited to put on my bathing suit, But all of my family and cousins wanted to go and I could not stay in the hotel room. I tried to make fun out of surfing it was a little better but jellyfish was still there locked in my mind I was not brave I was scared.But my cousin was so sweet because she made me a wall and it said Elah behind it. My cousin said there you are safe, That made me feel a little better but I know it wasn’t true but at least she tried that is most important right? The day continued by I will still in the shallow end but I was in the water! Well I tried I will never go to the deep end.

(Day 3)

Why is it always the same place! BEACH BEACH BEACH!!! That” it I could not do this anymore I asked my mom If she can stay in the hotel room and I can stay here. She looked very confused when I said that but she agreed. But of course later in the day she asked why, But… I ignored her. What a great way I thought to not talk to your mom when she ask’s something you don’t want to stay. BUT of course she asked me again. I was thinking HOW LONG WILL SHE ASK ME THIS IF I KEEP IGNORING HER??? Also I didn’t give up. When  my cousins came back to the beach I was playing with them IN the hotel room we all shared. But the most terrible thing in the world happened, WE went to dinner at the beach all of my family and cousins were going for dinner at the beach. One thing popped up into my mind and it was wait will we go in the pool or just eat at the beach? YES YES YES YES YES! You know what that means, we are not going in to water we just eating I wonder why we go to the beach every day?

(Day 4)

Finally…the day has come we are not going to the BEACH I can’t believe maybe my mom figured out and when I was sleeping she told every one about it… Oh well if she did I am glad she did. I was so excited to just stay in bed and play Roblox because the last time I stayed in the hotel I stayed in my mom’s room but she let me stay in MY cousin,Sister’s room. But I felt lonely and it was very scary being by myself but it was okay I said to myself I was 8 and I should  not be scared! I wish I had some one to play Roblox with or talk to so… I turned on the T.V not for a friend or anything like that it just made noise so it would not seem like I am not alone. Now as I am saying it sounds weird but trust me it helped.

(Day 5)

Oh well I knew I can’t stay in the hotel room forever. WE went to the beach again but this time.. My cousin offered to play with me on the sand. It was great we made a tower near the beach shower it was so fun we filled the sand tower we made with water but we had some issue’s it fell apart but just the bottom and that was horrible when the bottom of our tower broke down the rest of the tower went down with  the bottom. I was so unlucky because this was the hottest day out of all the days. When I finally pulled myself together I went in the deep end. I was surf boarding it felt strange being back in the water but I was proud… OW I felt something on my leg I went to the shallow end and checked what was hurting my leg but there was nothing I went surf boarding again.. OW I checked again nothing there I went surf boarding AGAIN….OW, That’s it I was scared I went to my mom and told her. She checked my leg. My mom said Ow no Elah go inside the hotel I will stay with you.

(Day 6)

When I woke up OW. Mom I yelled! My mom rushed over is your sun burn okay? IT HURTS MOM, MY mom said did you put sunscreen on? Did dad put sunscreen on you? I replied with No and No. My mom was surprised, where is your dad? my mom asked. I said he is in your room. She stomped to HER room. Wow I thought very childish. I was to worried of hurting myself when I cover the blanket because when I sleep I always cold so what am I supposed to do suck it up? Now when I was saying it sounds like the thing I am supposed to do.Also I said I was 8 so I can do everything on my own and I am strong… Well not exactly strong or I can do anything on my own like ANYTHING but you get the point. When my cousins and sister came back to the hotel they seemed like they were sorry even though they don’t know about my sunburn right?

(Day 7) Okay they do know All my GIRL cousins and my sister told me my mom said to make me feel okay and take my sunburn off my mind? Mom THAT WON”T HELP. Well thanks for trying!…I guess? My mom came to my room and put my cream on for my sunburn. My mom said to stay IN bed and of course I said NO NO NO NO! Why not my mom asked because my sunburn hurts when I cover myself with the blanket. My mom said why not just sit or rest on your bed. Okay, she even said if it hurts that much you can play Roblox. Okay I like that but I think my mom is becoming… I don’t know.. OVER PROTECTIVE??? But she still is sweet… Maybe that’s the reason why she is always so babyish to me because she’s so nice.

(Day 8)

Time to pack up! My mom said. Oh no, I spent my whole time worrying about the water I could not really have fun I only went in the water for one day. Also I can’t go to the beach because of my burn. Oh well I guess I wasted this Vacation but It was pretty full of adventures. I remember when One of my cousins got stung I was steaming hot when I was in the car… Maybe I was to excited. My favorite memory  was when My cousin made a sand wall and wrote Elah behind it. Oh well time to pack. My last time having dinner well at least it was at the beach. When the parents were finding a seat we went to a near by gym and It was a blast I think my sister a cousins we impressed. It was dinner the parents found a table and we started ordering and eating… and drinking!

(Day 9)

The last day has come it was really sad we all started getting our suit cases and back packs. It was really upsetting and I am always more upset then anyone in the family or in the cousins I would cry for an hour because I would be leaving my cousins but now I was more upset that I was going to miss my place where I was really born. But we had 10 minutes to play and it was ROBLOX it was really weird because I felt better when all my cousins and family played Roblox but not the parents of course not the parents. 10 minutes passed it was time to go we all gave each other a hug I dashed at of the hotel room and started bursting out with tears. It was the right time to to let tears out because I could not hold in the pain of leaving. I was glad when It passed 1 hour  because I stopped being so emotional, and I felt better because I was back home. My real home.

Colonial America – Pt 1 – Overveiw

In class I was excited to get my job and help name the new colony that was named RockWood. After a few days I got the job I wanted, Religious Leader. But, since we needed a teacher they said I would be a Teacher because the church would be in the school. Now my group and I are planning out what our colony is going to look like and who’s property is big and where it is and I had a small land but everybody was pretty small too. Also a lot of the choices were up to the Governer, Claire. The other people in my colony are Shali, Hunter,George,Charles,Eshal and Felix. They all had important jobs like Planner,Farmer,Doctor, and Black smith. We had everything done likes the Laws punishment where everything is going to be and where should we build all this stuff. The process was building up but we had more to do like actually  building all this stuff in our dirt lands. My group was great but some people messed around but I think they got their part done. I think this project was fun and takes a lot of teamwork to actually agree on something. I would think it’s pretty hard to get attention from 6 people when some are making plans and some are fooling around but I can sqeeze in some idea’s.  It was fun working on the new world. It’s also fun do stuff that long ago people did. It’s like going to the past and being experienced with all the work tat they were doing back then.

Star Girl

Star Girl has been interesting. Star Girl is nice but she is a little bit strange. But Star Girl always made everything exciting! Even though the school still does not want to stand out. Instead of thinking about blending in I can tell Star Girl wants to stand out! Like she always stands out when she sings when everybody is looking at her. People might think it’s not normal but it’s normal for Star Girl.


Star Girl always brings the fun in something boring. Like the football games they have in high school. Star Girl came and did cheers and she played football even though she was not a player! Also she did stretches WITH the football players! I would say he is a Wonder.


Star Girl is not like anybody else. Everybody else in the school wants to be the same but Star Girl doesn’t. Nobody sings happy birthday to somebody when its their birthday but Star Girl does! Star Girl is the opposite of everybody. But she is nice like some people. But not everybody is nice. Even though she is different and she knows people do not do what she does she is still kind and not thinking hmm why are they not doing what I am doing… there weird.



Star Girl did get a friend. The Cheer Captain. Star Girl was also invited to be a Cheer Leader. Her outfit was the same as the rest but she still acted different. Nothing can stop her from being different. Nothing. Star Girl Is One Of A Kind.

Colonial America – Part 2- Persona

In class my name for Colonial america is Silvia Wildfire. My job is a Religious Leader and Teacher. I moved to the new world because when I was born my mom died when she gave birth to me and my dad was so sad so he put all his sadness on me and made me do all the chores. But when I was 15 I ran away to the new world and now I am 25 and I have a happier life. But with my new jobs there comes responsibility’s like making sure kids were paying attention, especially the boys. Also I had to go to the church and make sure nothing was going wrong and some people would not interrupt. My colonial group said I should be the Teacher since the church is in the school so I did. Also the people at the new world with me are a governor,Black smith, trader, Fisher man, Soldier, planner and Doctor. I think that my Colony would survive.



My colony group was better than my dad. He would always boss me around for no reason. My dad would not let me have fun but only let me play with the broom I use to clean the floors. At the new world I had my own house. The school I work at and I would not break the laws because one of the Punishments are “If you don’t work for at least 5 hours you won’t get your food you earn. So I make sure I am doing the right thing. Also its good that we have a Governor so we don’t argue because arguing could stop us from living happily. Also the governor helps get everything in order. Also its good that we have a Fisher Man so we can have food and its good we have all the jobs we have.


The new world was called RockWood and I liked that name.So it was also great living at Rockwood because they cared about YOUR opinion. Also RockWood was a free place. Like the religions could be anything.At the church we can believe in both Jesus and God or none of the above. I am glad I ran away and helped build RockWood. It was Worth running away to make a new place that’s not where my Dad is. RockWood is the New England Colony.


We were all getting along and making our map for the Colony so we all know where we are and we can all know where we go because this is still a new place. We just the stuff that we need but we don’t have the map. We don’t have anything to plan out where EVERYTHING is going to be. So when we were done with our map we did make the laws and Punishments and EVERYBODY got to let there Idea go  and I am sure all of our Idea’s were on the Scroll. With all the bad Punishments I was sure nobody was going to break a Law.


RockWood does not have a Jail. We just get punished. We also have no slaves to work for us. Slavery is wrong in RockWood. I am glad that we have no Slaves. Also the jail would not be good for RockWood either. It’s like breaking the Law and your not working for 5 hours. Your not getting your food. That’s fair and a jail I think would be to much for our punishments because the punishments we have are fair. If there was a jail they would put me in a cell and they had to feed me and that stuff because they would get punished for letting me starve. Or there would be a Law that says your aloud to starve a somebody…


Everybody is the same. Nobody really has power. Everybody is even. The governor does not even have power. Everybody is the same. Everybody has to be treated Equal. That’s why we have no slaves. Let’s just say somebody is different, that doesn’t mean you have more power. The a Law and that’s another Reason why I like RockWood. It’s a whole new world we great things.



RockWood was a great change for me and I am glad not I am not treated differently then anybody else. I was treated bad with my dad. To compare my new and old life my new one is much better. I get to be free in my new life but in my old life I wasn’t. I did not have fun in my old life but now in my new life I have fun. My new life is better. RockWood is better.



Maglev Blog Post 3

Blog post #3

By:Elah Degani  

Things me and my group did to the maglev train was to put to magnet rings on each side. So it can be even with the new track. We made it even because if it was uneven then it would just stop moving.


My group and me put three string magnets on each side for the track. And then we tested our maglev train and the track to see if it worked. And it did we gave it one little push then BOOM it went across the track without tilting or stoping! It was a complete success.


I learned that you always need to make sure what you are doing with magnets before you put them together. And always make sure thing are even. And the maglev train was really hard to make but me and my group finally did all that hard work paid off. Also working with a group was great it made everything much easier.   

Blog Post #2

The magnets my group used are eight strip magnets Also There are three magnets stacked on each other on each side of the track. And there are two magnets on each side of the foam board.


Also Something that worked was our last plan of a train.And the only magnets that we used were two little strip magnets on two sides of the foam board.And something that we failed at was a train we made.It had ring magnets everywhere all over the foam board.And all of them were in the wrong place but we fixed that.But the train still did not work. 

And my groups goal is to make our maglev train we made to carry more weight.


Maglev Train Post #1

A maglev train is a train that runs on magnets.The train is made out of magnets. A maglev train is supposed to carry people to places.The maglev train levitates off the track because the magnets on the same side.                                

My group put nine ring magnets on the bottom of the train. And then we put two strip magnets on the middle of the track.We then put as many ring magnets as we could fit around the outside of the track, which was around the strip magnets.      

It was really hard to make the train because the magnets were in the wrong places. Some of the magnets were repelling and some were attracting. It was all messed up. Also the track was hard to build because they were also repelling and attracting, which made it mess up. Finally we did it. All the work paid off. My group was great because we listened to each other’s ideas,we never interrupted when we were talking and most of all we were never fighting.