Edgewood Centennial Mosaic

Today, our artist in residence put the final touches on a gorgeous Centennial mosaic. Every child in the school contributed a tile to this work of art, which was also designed collectively by the school.

There are design elements that nod to Edgewood’s past, such as an apple tree (the property was once an orchard). And there are other details, such as the names of the current teachers excised into green leaves at the base of the tree.

The mosaic border is composed of national flags. These represent the ancestries of all Edgewood students who have come through the school. The mosaic is installed diagonally from what used to be the principal’s office in recent years, and was once the original library.


Holiday Luncheon For Edgewood Staff

Every year the PTA gives a holiday luncheon to Dr. Houseknecht, Mr. Yang, all of the school’s wonderful teachers and hardworking aides. They held the event in the new library this year, which made for a beautiful backdrop. Good times were had by all.

Our Principal, Dr. Houseknecht – for 29 years he’s made the history of our school part of the core knowledge that every child learns while at Edgewood.