Check Out Edgewood School in Miniature

Have you seen the 3D model of Edgewood School? It sits outside the library, encased in Plexiglass. The model is a miniature, true-to-scale replica of the school.

Mr. Fitz first came up with the idea to build it almost two years ago, envisioning it as a learning tool for students. The pieces of it come apart and can demonstrate the step-by-step process of Edgewood being built through the years.

For example, here’s what Edgewood looked like when it first built in 1919…

And here’s what it looks like in 2019:

What’s more, many parts of the model are being built by the students themselves, mostly fourth and fifth graders, using the school’s new 3D printer and a program called Tinkercad. Each of the windows and the cuppola were designed in Tinkercad and printed out on plastic. A very detail-oriented student recreated the United States maps that’s painted on the blacktop in the courtyard. All the trees were made by students using Model Magic. The pieces of the building itself were cut out of Styrofoam, and the roof is made of cardboard (with the shingles painstakingly drawn in by a student).

The model isn’t finished yet — nor will it ever be. Mr. Fitz envisions it forever being in a state of flux, just as the real Edgewood building is. Some goals for the near future include drawing a blueprint of the inside of the school on transparencies to fit on top, so when you lift off the roof you can see where all the classrooms are.

But in the meantime, you can admire what’s been built, right in front of the library. It’s already very impressive, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come!

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