Is There An Edgewood Ghost?

Edgewood kids love to spook each other about the ghost that allegedly roams the halls of our 100-year-old school. Some report that they’ve gone into the bathroom and closed the door behind them, only to come out of the stall and find the bathroom door wide open. Others say they’ve seen the water fountain turn on by itself as they walk by. One third grader recently reported he saw a ghost in the bathroom mirror. Standing behind him.

Cue the screams.

Dr. Houseknecht, who has roamed the halls himself for 28 years, says there’s absolutely no such thing as a ghost in the building. Has he seen flickering lights? Spooky sounds or ghostly shadows creeping along stairwells?

“No,” he laughs, sitting in his office, which, he says, isn’t haunted either. “Kids just love to tell these stories. We’ve had kids talking about an Edgewood ghost for at least 20 years.”

He chalks it up to how old the building is, and how some of the nooks and corners in the halls can make a child’s imagination run wild. “Plus, they just love the idea of ghosts,” he says. “It’s fun to tell those stories, even if the kids believe deep down that there is no such a thing.”

At Edgewood Academy, some students are studying the Edgewood ghost, and two years ago, Edgewood News published a spooky story involving the ghost and former Edgewood student (and current fourth grade teacher) Mr. Reilly.

Still, at least one second grader has reported that some kids are so scared about the idea of the ghost that they’re refusing to go in the bathroom alone. So the myth of the Edgewood ghost lives on.

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