Countdown To the Edgewood Fair

Get ready to race those horses. At the start of this year’s old-time themed Edgewood Fair on Saturday, May 11 from 11am to 3pm, classes will watch their decorated styrofoam horses in a Derby. Think: a game board sprint where each class spins to advance their horse. Winning class gets an ice cream party and extra recess!

Fingers crossed for good weather because fair organizers Sara Farnsworth and Sam Carter have invited a stiltwalker and an accordion player to perform. There will also be a selfie booth — say cheese in your Derby hat. Expect all of the usual activities — sand art, spin art, etc. — but with some new crafts, too. Kids are invited to make toys Edgewood kids played with 100 years ago, like Cat’s Cradle and Jacob’s Ladder.

“It will be clean old-time fun,” says Sara. “We’re going for nostalgia.”

The eats are the draw, featuring street foods. You’ll find the usual stands and more, like a nacho bar, grilled Mexican corn, a fruit kebab stand, a funnel cake stand, an Italian ice station, even fresh-spun cotton candy. And there won’t just be a bake sale. There will be a rice balls station as well as a candy table featuring vintage sweets.

And for those wanting to boost school spirit, don’t miss the Edgewood Fair Shop. There are new items are up for sale, like a blue pennant advertising Edgewood School and a blue “E” kickball.

Don’t skip the carnival games — or the Gaga pit. Says Sara: “We’re going to have a lot more games than in previous years.”