It was really interesting to learn about MLK. MLK was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1929. Sadly, 39 years later MLK got assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. It is very cool to see everything that MLK did to change our country’s rights. It is so awesome for someone to keep fighting for the rights after going to jail over 30 times. MLK lead a lot of civil rights movements and protests. I have never seen or heard of someone with as much courage and the ability to keep fighting for his rights. Without MLK standing up for segregation we might have segregation still now. If those rights occurred to me I would be afraid to show everyone how I feel about these rights. I found it very amazing how MLK made a speech about what he felt should be the rights in front of 250,000 people, and now it is arguably the most famous speech ever. MLK has changed the worlds rights and without MLK we might still have segregatiom. MLK has inspired many people to lead people, stand up for their rights. MLK was a great role model and he might be the most famous fighters, and he did it without actually fighting.

Rocketry Presentation

We were very happy with how are our presentation went. I thought I did what I needed to do. Also my other group members did their part. We got laughs from the parents when we said our rocket went 0 ft.

We practiced and it payed off. Sometimes we would talk a bit while practicing. Also it was hard because some people would get mad at people for not practicing but at the end will always ended up getting a lot of practicing done. And overall my group thought our presentation was great.

Here’s my group presentation

We practiced All the time and it really payed off. Sometimes we would talk a bit while practicing. Also it was hard because some people would get mad at people for not practicing but at the end will always ended up getting a lot of practicing done. And overall my group thought our presentation was great.


Walk It Like I Talk It






Lima Beans 3rd Week




The lima bean plant can grow without soil. We had 2 manipulated plants which were no air, no sunlight. We had a controlled plant with air, sunlight, water.


No Air

Our no air plant was thriving. The cotyledon was starting to come out of the lima bean. The leaf started to come out of the lima bean. The no air plants were starting to grow. I wasn’t surprised but the no air plant stopped growing. The leaves started to turn yellow. I think no air plant will not grow anymore.

Controlled [air ,sunlight, water]

Only one of the sunlight plants are healthy. The cotyledon is starting to come out of bean 2. I don’t know why all the of the plants are growing in the sunlight. I think the plant is going to keep thriving.

No Sunlight

The no sunlight plant isn’t doing great. The stem is white that is coming out of the lima bean. I think the no sunlight plant is going to die shortly

Similarities and differences  no air and controlled


  • They both were thriving in the beginning
  • They were both green at one point
  • They both went from a seedling to a young plant


  • The controlled stayed green the no air turned yellow
  • The controlled kept thriving and the no air stopped thriving
  • At first the no air was taller than the sunlight

Seed Pods


My plant was doing so good we started having flowers. Cell 2 and cell 4 leaves are green and there are little yellow flowers, but cell 1 and cell 3 are dead. The highest plant is 18 cm. The plant with most leaves has 16 leaves. everyday we started to have more flowers, more leaves and getting taller.


When you pollinate you use a q-tip or wind to separate each flower and a insect gets the pollen grain and the pollen grain goes down the pistil and the then the seed grows and the cycle starts again. The little seeds are called seed pods. The seed pods are the seeds we originally grew the plant with. The seed pods grow bigger everyday. You can take the seed pods out and you can replant the plant again and the cycle will start over and the cycle can go on and on.







Week 2 on plant unit

My soapy water plant and controlled plant

my no sunlight plant


In week 2 our plant made a huge improvement. Everyday my groups plants got taller. Only cell 3 wasn’t growing and we have 4 cells. Cell 2 has the most leaves, but cell 4 and 1 have a lot of leaves. Later in the week Cell 1 was losing leafs and very droopy. I had a feeling it wasn’t healthy. Could it be the that the soil is too dry. Maybe it is the light. Is it too close to the plant?



Nothing is growing for our manipulated. It is very dry. I think it’s dead because it’s dry and cell 1 in the controlled is dry and it’s losing leaves. It used to drink all of the soapy water, until it realized the soapy water wasn’t good for it. Everyday the soapy water plant looked the same.

No Sunlight

The no sunlight isn’t looking great.  The stem is long and white, but the plant is droopy and yellow.  I think the plant will grow a little, but won’t be so healthy because the mix of soil, water and sunlight are what make a plant healthy.

Plant unit first week

my soapy water plant and controlled plant

my no sunlight plant


On May 3rd my class started our plant unit. We had a controlled plant and a manipulated plant. My controlled is a plant that we treat well. My manipulated plant is a plant where we have different things on the plant like soil, air, and sunlight. Those are the three different things you can use but the manipulated for example my group used soapy water. It is May 4th and my controlled plant started to grow quickly. My manipulated plant was very dry and didn’t grow which was expected. Now it is may 9th and my controlled is doing well the leaves are green and it is growing taller. The manipulated plant is dry and isn’t growing. I hope the controlled keeps doing what it’s doing and the manipulated starts growing. The no sunlight plant isn’t healthy its leaves are yellow, its stem is grey. but, the plant is tall and is growing every day.



ELA Test Reflection

I didn’t like the ELA test because I had to read a lot of stories and do a lot of multiple questions, short answers and long responses. Also, the test was really long. Every day we did 1 hour 15 minutes of work or more! The first day I read 4 stories and 24 multiple choice questions. The second day I read 3 stories 2 short answers 7 multiple choice questions and an extended response. On the third day I read 3 stories 5 short responses and an extended response. That’s a lot of work isn’t it?


Math state test reflection


I thought the math state test wasn’t that bad. It was a little annoying while we were taking the test. The test only took me 30 minutes! I felt confident in my multiplication and division facts, area and perimeter, data analysis and word problems. I thought the state test was pretty easy it got harder and harder but it was still pretty easy. Also, we had extra recess, no homework and we got to play on our chromebooks! The math test was easier and took an hour shorter than the ELA test.


My poem reflection

My Poem Reflection

By Eli Etra


I choose stinky socks because I have the worst smelling socks in the whole entire universe. So I said I should write about my stinky socks. Also, my mom agreed to write about my stinky socks. I thought stinky socks would be a good thing to write about. I was also looking for a funny poem so I decided stinky socks would be a good poem. I thought I could rhyme a lot with socks for example box and lox. I figured nobody would write about stinky socks and I didn’t want to write the same thing as everybody.


Stinky socks you smell like lox.

Stinky socks you are as lame as a box.


Stinky socks you taste like moldy cheese.

Stinky socks I can smell from the basement to the tops of the trees.


Stinky socks you are as lame as tea.

Stinky socks can’t you see?

Stinky socks you annoy me.