Crafting a Main Inquiry Question and Subquestion – Capstone #2

At the beginning of the Capstone project you come up with an inquiry question and subquestions. An inquiry question is a sum of everything you talk about in your Capstone. For me it was hard coming up with an inquiry question because I thought it was like my topic in a question. When I found it was a sum of all your subquestion and I met with Mrs. Edwards I finally found an Inquiry question I liked.


After you come up with your inquiry question you come up with subquestions. Subquestions are smaller questions to the inquiry question and they relate to the inquiry question. For me coming up with subquestions was easier than coming up with the inquiry question because I knew what I was going to talk about already, so all I needed to do was think of questions within the inquiry questions.


Here is my inquiry and subquestions:

Inquiry Question

What are the main mental preparation strategies athletes use to enhance their performance?



  1.  How do Mental Game Coaches and Sports Psychologists help athletes mentally prepare?
  2. Why is visualization such a powerful tool for success in competition?
  3.  How and why do athletes use music to mentally prepare?
  4. How and why do athletes use self talk used to mentally prepare?
  5. How and why do athletes use breathing techniques to prepare?
  6. How do mental preparation strategies improve player performance? Which technique is most useful?


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