Crafting a Main Inquiry Question and Subquestion – Capstone #2

At the beginning of the Capstone project you come up with an inquiry question and subquestions. An inquiry question is a sum of everything you talk about in your Capstone. For me it was hard coming up with an inquiry question because I thought it was like my topic in a question. When I found it was a sum of all your subquestion and I met with Mrs. Edwards I finally found an Inquiry question I liked.


After you come up with your inquiry question you come up with subquestions. Subquestions are smaller questions to the inquiry question and they relate to the inquiry question. For me coming up with subquestions was easier than coming up with the inquiry question because I knew what I was going to talk about already, so all I needed to do was think of questions within the inquiry questions.


Here is my inquiry and subquestions:

Inquiry Question

What are the main mental preparation strategies athletes use to enhance their performance?



  1.  How do Mental Game Coaches and Sports Psychologists help athletes mentally prepare?
  2. Why is visualization such a powerful tool for success in competition?
  3.  How and why do athletes use music to mentally prepare?
  4. How and why do athletes use self talk used to mentally prepare?
  5. How and why do athletes use breathing techniques to prepare?
  6. How do mental preparation strategies improve player performance? Which technique is most useful?


Choosing my Topic – Capstone #1

In 5th grade we do one of the biggest projects in Heathcote called Capstone. In Capstone you choose a topic you want to learn more about and your interested in. Capstone is a two month project and at the end of it you have a big presentation. You need to do a lot of things in Capstone. You have to use three web-based sources, one database source, one print source, one interview and one site visit. You also need to do a lot of research.

The first step of the Capstone process was choosing a topic. At first I was thinking teaching people how to be an ESPN analiyst. I really wanted to do something sports, music and anxiety-related. I was interested in that because I love listening to music and I have anxiety before games so I can relate to it and sports is my favorite thing. “I told my mom about what I want to do and she came up with an idea that is all of them in one idea which is How athletes mentally prepare for competition.” It is music because they use music to relax. It is sports because that’s what they mentally prepare for. And it’s anxiety because mentally preparing for a game could help players who suffer from anxiety?

I’m so happy that Capstone is up and running. I like my topic and want to learn more about it.


Finishing Spark Video – #5

The Spark Video was going really easy. I needed more ideas and I was stuck. Then, I went back to my interview and I got more ideas. Finally, I thought I finished it. I wondered if my slides were too long. I had to redo my voiceover because I did it in different places so it sounds different. Now I was really done. I finished my editing, my voiceover was clean and my Spark Video was long. I was very excited to present my Spark Video.

I really enjoyed this project. I’m upset that I’m done with it, but I was proud about how I did. I hope I can use Spark Video again.


Here’s the video

Starting Spark Video – #4

I was very excited to start Spark Video. Once I started it I realized it was easier than I excpected. I used an organizer which really helped. I planned out everything on the organizer. I planned out the photo I would put, the text on the screen and what I would say. Eventually I started the slides on Spark Video. I would just do what my organizer said and it was looking pretty good. I used my interview to answer some questions that would put on my Spark Video. On Spark Video I tried to not make it too complicated because it was my first time using it.

I was so excited about finishing my Spark Video. I hope it turns out great. I am really anxious to see what my final product will look like.



Immigration Spark Video – #3

In our Immigration unit we use a website called Spark Video. On that website you can get images, record audio, make your own video, make captions, add videos and many more things. It is helpful because you put your immigration information on the Spark Video. We can also put pictures of our interview, questions and more. Mr. Casal is continuing to show us more about Spark Video and helping us with what to do and what to not do. Mr. Casal showed how to make an organizer on google drive and it says what to do on the Spark Video. I’m interested to learn more about Spark Video. 

I’m really excited to start using Spark Video.  


Immigration Interview – #2

In our Immigration unit we have to interview someone that experienced being an immigrant. I interviewed my aunt’s dad, Mark Collin. He immigrated from Toronto, Canada 26 years ago. He traveled by himself leaving his family behind in Toronto. One year later, the rest of the family came to the United States. He came to the United States because he found a better job opportunity.

During the interview I had some problems. My mom kept getting calls on her phone and that was where my mom was videoing me. So I had to keep restarting the video. This was a problem because I didn’t know how to put videos together. Although, my aunt’s dad Mark Collin could answer all of the questions and gave important details. Luckily I have my sister because she knows how to put videos together. My interview was done. Next step Spark Video.


Questions and Changes – #1


    In my class we do an immigration unit and you need to interview someone that experienced being an immigrant. You have to ask that person 10-15 questions about their immigration experience. Next, you use something called Spark Video and you make a 3-5 minute video.


   At first, I chose my grandma who was giving me information about my great grandma. My grandma wasn’t an immigrant, but I thought because she knows about my great grandma’s immigration experience I could interview her. Turns out I could not interview my grandma because she never actually experienced being an immigrant. So I had to figure another immigrant. I remember that my Aunt Ali is an immigrant from Canada. My aunt was only 6 when she immigrated, but her father remembers the experience more vividly. So I decided to interview my aunt’s dad.

Here is a link to my interview questions

These are my 10-15 questions that my immigrant will answer. I’m excited to see how he responds to these questions. I can’t wait for the interview.


Blog Post #6 – Reflection on the Unit

I really liked the Rube Goldberg unit. I always wondered how people make Rube Goldberg machines, but now I know I can make my very own Rube Goldberg machine. I have learned a couple things from this unit. One thing I learned was failure can lead to success. I learned  that when everything would not work at the beginning and we learned from our mistakes and made changes and it turned out really good. Another thing I learned was creativity is very important. I learned that when we had two tubes and we tried to tape them, but it just wouldn’t go together. So I came up with to have a paper tube that I cut so everything would go together. I also thought it was so cool how everybody’s Rube Goldberg was different and cool in different ways. I liked seeing other people’s task and that creativity. It was cool to see because I would of never thought of ant of that stuff.

I really liked this unit and I hope I can do another Rube Goldberg. I hope that other people like our Rube Goldberg. This is a unit that I will always remember.




Blog Post #5 – Finally a Success


Finally we had every single step figured out. All of us were sure that it was going to work. On our first try we got to the last step and the ball just missed the goal. Second try, we miss the hoop on the first step. Try number 3 not all of the jenga blocks fell. Try number 4 the ball wasn’t strong enough to hit the truck. Six more fails. Try 11, evevrything works, the ball goes in the goal. Success!!!

When I came home, I was proud with what we accomplished. I really hope that our Rube Goldberg video turns out good.

Here’s our Rube Goldberg Video

Blog Post #4 – Changes


My group and I got a lot of steps done. We had a whole plan and I was  sure that it was going to work. We didn’t think about how many steps we had because we were so happy about what we did. First try everything worked well, it was a success. We kept doing it and we kept having success.

When I left Chase’s house I was very happy with our success and new steps. Later that night when I was home, I knew that something was wrong but I just couldn’t figure it out. I thought I would just be able to figure it out but I couldn’t. Next day at school I had great ideas for our Rube Goldberg, I thought to have a ramp hit dominos and then hit a ball which hits a truck. Then Reece had an idea to have the truck hit a cup which a soccer ball which goes into the goal. Then I realized we didn’t have enough steps before. I was so happy that we were finally in a good position