Photo Eassy

For English class, we are making photo essays. What’s a photo essay? Well, it is a group of pictures in a slideshow or another way to present and it tells a story. Mine will have pictures of what I am doing during this time in quartine.

Fantasy #2

After we finish a book we have to write an analytical paragraph, basically a body paragraph from a literary essay. What is interesting/comforting about writing these paragraphs is it makes me fully understand the book. There are also some challenging things, for example finding text evidence, especially in long books because there are so many pages and jots that you need to sort through.

Fantasy #1

We just started a new unit in English class, fantasy reading. I like it because I found a genre in fantasy, dystopian. I am not usually a book worm but reading dystopian books makes me want to read. My favorite fantasy book is a dystopian novel by Veronica Roth called Divergent, it is very interesting and has a bunch of unexpected turns and twists all throughout the book. The books I am reading for this unit are Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant, and Four all by Veronica Roth. I chose these books because I took Divergent out of the public library before it closed, so I decided I would read the rest of the series.

Passion Project #7

There have been some pros (good things) about completing this project away from a school environment. For example, I can decide when I work on my project. Also, I am not getting influenced by anybody. Those are some pros of not working in a school environment. But there also have been some challenges. It’s not as easy to ask questions to my teacher, or my friends. and at home, there is a lot of technology and other things that can distract me. I have learned some things about myself during this project, for example I can get things done if I focus. I Have learned to do one major thing which is moving around my problems not getting stuck on one small thing.

Passion Project Sources

Here are the sources I used for my research:

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Passion Project #6

I am making a video for my final project. It will include all of the information I’ve found. I was able to answer each of the topics in my proposal. I liked doing online research, and interview Dr. Slot, one of the music teachers at SMS and my jazz bandleader, but my favorite part of the process was listening to lots of good jazz music from Preservation Hall.
Using WeVideo allowed me to break my project into parts. The first part I focused on was the images. They needed to match the facts that I put in my script. Next was the audio. I recorded my script one section at a time so that it would be easier to align the words with the images.
Lastly, I choose to make a video because I could showcase my knowledge and play music for everyone to listen to. Here are some images of me working:


Passion Project #5

One major challenge that I have had during my research process is trying to find information. It was difficult to notice all the information right away. But there is one thing that I have done to get beyond that challenge is rereading the reference whether it may be a book or an article I read the source multiple times to find further information, this has helped me find a lot of information.

Passion Project #4

So far during my research I’ve learned about myself in many ways, as a learner, as a reader/writer, and as a time manager. As a learner I learned that I like to research/learn in periods of time take a short break and get back to it. I never knew this about myself it helps to know how you learn the best so you can do your best when you are learning.

I haven’t learned to much about myself as a writer except that I either really elaborate on something or don’t elaborate on it very much. But as a non-fiction reader I learned that I like to read the whole text once to get the feel of the text after read it another time a little more closely. This helps me to begin to know what information I will be learning than read closely for all the information.

And lastly I’ve learnt about myself as a time manager, I learnt that whenever I have a lot of things to do I need to make a list. As I’m going I check of the things I complete and this helps me manage my time by knowing what I need to do next so I can plan out how much time I will need to do things, how much time I will have to do other things.

Passion Project #3

I’m making big progress so far. I have gotten a lot of research done for my subtopics, only a few to go! Wikipedia and has been the most helpful. They have both provided tons of information on my topic. I have been using boxes and bullets as a note taking strategy. It’s been helpful because the resource is the box and the bullets is all the information I’m getting.

The quality of my work seems to me really good so far, because all I’ve been doing is note taking. I haven’t started my final project yet. It is hard to find exactly what you are looking for so you have to think about how this relates to what you are looking for, I’ve been doing that so that makes the work I’m doing unique.

Passion Project #2

To identify resources I started to look on Google. Google gave me a lot of websites to choose from. Then Youtube was a really good place to look for videos. It was good for finding a lot of video resources. Finding resources was fairly easy, but finding good resources was hard.

T0 make sure the resources are credible I will compare the information to the Preservation Hall website because I know that is factual. I will also use well known sources like The New York Times.

The Preservation Hall website is the resource I think will be the most useful. I think this because they’re writing about themselves and they probably have a lot of information on themselves and I already have a lot of information from them and still more to read.

What nonfiction reading skill I’m trying to improve when I am reading websites and links for this project is identifying the text structure of the author is using. In my interview I will apply the school because I will need to know in what way the person I’m interviewing is talking about the information they’re giving me if they’re talking in chronological order first this than that, or me cause affect.

One note taking strategy that I am using is boxes and bullets I am putting as the box my sub topic that I’m researching and or the resource, as the bullets is all the information I get. How I came up on the strategy is I normally take notes in bullet form but it would be hard to just organize the bullets at the end so I decided to make it boxes and bullets because it would be easier on my part.