Technology posts 5

So now I made  switch. So basically I made a base for my switch which had tin foil one it so when the top(which also has tinfoil on it)touched the bottom a light turned on. This worked because two wires connected to the switch I made and to the light bulb. A picture looked like this…

Technology Post #3

Now in technology we are making jewelry. We just started making the plans. There is circles and we have 5 wires to use. We have 15 circles on a piece of paper and we have to make 15 designs. I chose my final design it is a  design based on my cousins charity Athletes vs. Chrons & colitis disease. Here is a link

Now you know my design for my jewelry.

Technology Post #2

We are learning about atoms and electrons it is really interesting. I think it is interesting because we get to learn how important electrons are. For example if we have an orange the orange would need to be the size of the earth to see the atoms. Also the positive collect at the top of the cloud and the negative electrons collect at the bottom no one knows why this happens.

Intro To 6th Grade Tech

I just got into my first few technology classes at the Scarsdale middle school, yes I am In the Scarsdale middle school now in 6th grade. The first day we discussed the expectations and projects and  we are going to make and the tools we are going to use. The second day we went over safety precautions, it was kind of scary because Mr. Calvert explained accidents that have happened in the past where someone got hurt. I will try to be careful while using the machines. The third day we  did a challenge to find clues to unlock a bin with goggles inside with a team to improve teamwork it was very fun. The lock got jammed so we couldn’t unlock it but we still found code to unlock the lock. And the forth day we got introduced to the blogs we will have to make over the course of the quarter. I am excited to continue technology and share the projects that I make on my blog.

Capstone — Working on my Final Product

There are 2 major pieces of the final product – one is the sript and the other are slides that go along with it.

Writing the script was difficult because I had to incorporate all of my sub questions while staying in the 6 minute timeframe – – I had too much to say and had to make hard choices around when to keep in and what to cut out.  I learned that the first draft is never the final draft – you must go through and edit.  The script took about 1.5 weeks to complete – my final version is very different than my first draft.

The slides were easier to complete, the pictures have to relate to the script for that slide.  I added the images to my slide show from Google.  I think that if a visual is good then it will help convey the mesasge I am trying to say.   Finding images was pretty simple but there were a lot of images to choose from – I had to carefully pick the ones that first best with my script.

Once all of the my material were finished I had to practice, practice, practice.  I practiced in school with my friends and at home with my parents.  It is a lot of hard work and I still need to keep memorzing my script.  I am still working on this part but I think I will be done and ready by the time I have to present.

Capstone — Answering My Main Inquiry Question

Answering my main inquiry question was fun but challenging.

It fun because doing research led me to think about my topic in different ways.  For example ton cool facts  like I didn’t realize that the total number of home runs during the Steriod Era 4,782 or that 10.2% of players hit more that 40 home runs in  a single season. It was challenging because I was able to gather lots of information from my research, interviews and site visit, but it was hard to pull all the information together into a couple of meaningful paragraphs.

My main inquiry question is, How does performance enhancing drugs or (PEDs ) affect player performance in sports? In order to answer this question I needed to do the following: online research, 2 interveiws, and a site visit. All of these components helped in different ways for example my research helped me with gathering facts and my interviews helped  me with getting information that I could not get to online or that wasn’t publically available, and my site visit also helped me visualize some of the information I had been reading about.




Mixtures and Solutions

Today in class we did mixtures and solutions for science, we did experiments and hypotheses that went with each experiment. One hypothesis that I did today was “if we combine 1 tsp of colored sugar and oil then the oil will reject the sugar because the sugar is more dense than the oil so the oil cannot dissolve the sugar. Overall the lesson was really fun today and excited to do more mixtures and solutions work!

Capstone — Site Visit

For my Capstone site visit I went to Yankee Stadium.  I am lucky to have a cousin who works for the Yankees in Operations and he was able to give me and Ravi (my friend) a tour.

I learned that all drug testing in the training facilities and each player is random picked to testing by the league – – it is not team a decision.  The workout and training facitities have just be redone with all new equipment and it cost millions of dollors. The gym areas is 1000 sq ft training area 500 sq ft. All the workout and training facilities are right behind the dugout.  I also had the oppurtinity to sit in the dugout, stood in the on deck circle and walked on the field — It was super COOL!

I had a really good time at Yankee Stadium and know it will help me finish my project.

Capstone — Interview of Nelson Figueroa

On May 26th I had the opportunity to interview the former porfessional NY Mets player and now dcommentator Nelso Figueroa by phone.

We spoke for approximately 30 minutes, he was super friendly and very helpful.  I learned a lot about PED and his experience in the MLB during the steriod era (1993-2001).  Some of the things are learned were:  1) new ways the MBL could prevent players from using 2) that he thinks PED’s make good player great, but that they don’t make a bad player great. In other words if I don’t normally pla ybaseball taking PEDs won’t make me a superstar. 3) Balls and bats are more juices now than the players – they are designed for harder hit balls resulting home runs. Continue reading