February 9

Rube Goldberg Designing the Machine

So I thought originally to ring a bell as the thing I wanted to accomplish for my Rube Goldberg, but then I thought wait could I do something more practical. This was a challenge because there was not a wide variety of things to choose from what I was thinking of so I came up with the idea of getting a ball into a bin. My bins are going to be rectangular baskets and best of all I can use most of the same steps that I was going to use for my first idea and it also has the same amount of steps which is good because the minimum is 8 steps but I have more, that is good so I don’t have to think of a whole different plan. The process required a lot of research, I spent a couple hours after school one day. So basically I had to make some changes to the original and some challenges occurred and the process was hard. Research took a long time because well I had to find the information I wanted. That took a while because I had to find the videos/websites that had the good information and there were a lot of places that I could look. You learned what steps that I knew were possibilities and steps that I didn’t think that I would use.


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