February 10

Rube Goldberg How I Think Building is Going to Go

So first off, I think that it will be hard because well I’m working alone so I will have to do all the work and setting up and measuring etc, also building will take longer because it is only me setting this whole thing up. Second I think that it will be easier in some ways like I wont have to decide who will do what and this person wanted to do that etc. Also if someone got sick then what would what we do but lucky for me I don’t have to decide that because I don’t have a partner/s. But if it doesn’t work the  first time (which I don’t think it will work on the first time) I will have to set it up all over again. Well now you know the ups and downs of building alone that I think will happen while I’m working on building the machine in the future. I think that I would work in a group on the future because then I will have worked alone and with a partner so I can compare.



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