Reflecting on Working Alone

Working alone has been a challenge but also beneficial in different ways.

Lets start with the challenges. First off, my machine takes a long time to set up. Every time I tested it, I had to pick up everything and adjust my design to fit the way that I thought it would work and than test it again. Another challenge is that I had to supply all the┬ámaterials I couldn’t just ask a partner if they had a┬ámaterial that we could use because I don’t belong to a group.

Now lets continue with the benefits: first I can try my own ideas freely. I can test the steps and decide to put them in the project or not. The next benefit is that I can organize myself better, for example I don’t have to decide on a house to go to, so we can work on the machine, or decide who does what in setting up or the recording. Another benefit is time management. I was able to work on my project over vacation without coordinating with anybody else and I can complete some of the work while I don’t have any other homework assignments to focus on. The last benefit is being able to work at my own pace.

It is fun working alone I’m having a good experience so far working alone. Today I talked about the challenges and the benefits of working alone.


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