Rube Goldberg Final Reflection

This is my final reflection for my Rube Goldberg project.  Overall, my experience was that making my machine was really fun and challenging.  The parts i liked best were: the sketch because I got to put my ideas on paper and think them through clearly.  I liked building my machine because it was cool watching it all come together.  Making the movie was fun too beause I like using technology for projects.  Using visual and sound effects made the presentation more interesting to watch and fun to make.

I found similarities between creating my presentation and building my machine.  In both cases, somethings didn’t work out and I hard to change it.  In my machine an example of that Iwas swapping out the box holding up the rocket.  It was holding the rocket to high so when the bat hit it the rocket fell backwards instead of forward.  In the presentation, I had to swap out a fail video clip because the first one was cut off for one that showed a complete fail.

This project also brought frustrations like when I knocked down one stop it triggered some of the machine so i had to rebuild it all over again.  It happend a bunch of times and drove me nuts.  From that I learned that is ok to be frustrated as long as you can calm down and keep going.

The time and effort that I devoted to the project contributed to its success. No matter what grade I get, I think that I did a good job!

Click here to see my presentation 

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