We went to Philadelphia as a grade in my school a couple months ago, and it was really interesting, we went to museums and to the all famous liberty bell!!

We had to be at school by 6 o’clock so the bus didn’t leave without us. The bus ride was about 3 hours and we played a lot of video games almost everyone brought a device from phones like me to ipads and even to nintendo switches.

FIrst we went to the Alexander Hamilton museum and we saw how far Aaron Burr stood when he shot Alexander Hamilton, we also saw old watches and other things like that and those were worn by famous people. We took a lot of pictures plus we took a picture as a grade. Next we saw a short movie and we got a lot of information from just that museum.

Next we went to the place where the liberty is. I even took a selfie with the bell. 🙂

After we went to where the constitution declaration of independence and  the bill of rights were but in the middle of the walk there it started raining but luckily we got inside.

In conclusion Philadelphia was very fun maybe you should go sometime.

Podcast Reflection

My class has done a lot of podcasts. Podcasting is like another way to tell a story or information, podcasting is really fun but challenging my partner is Jason. We’ve done 2 podcasts together and are working on our 3rd. There are some different steps to making podcasts, I will give a brief run through of all the steps.

  1. Come up with a topic
  2. Come up with a script
  3. Start practicing
  4. Start recording
  5. Get editing
  6. Upload the episode to where all the class episodes are
  7. Repeat

Now you know about our podcasts

Click here to listen to our podcasts!!