Capstone — Interview of Nelson Figueroa

On May 26th I had the opportunity to interview the former porfessional NY Mets player and now dcommentator Nelso Figueroa by phone.

We spoke for approximately 30 minutes, he was super friendly and very helpful.  I learned a lot about PED and his experience in the MLB during the steriod era (1993-2001).  Some of the things are learned were:  1) new ways the MBL could prevent players from using 2) that he thinks PED’s make good player great, but that they don’t make a bad player great. In other words if I don’t normally pla ybaseball taking PEDs won’t make me a superstar. 3) Balls and bats are more juices now than the players – they are designed for harder hit balls resulting home runs. Continue reading

Capstone — The Process of Choosing My Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions

We had to come to final decision of what we wanted our main inquiry question and sub questions to be. First we wrote  down a ton of possible main inquiry questions like this:   We choose from one of these main inquiry questions that we wrote in our notebook, and I later discovered that I needed sub questions to go in line with my main inquiry question. So, first I started thinking of ideas that were related to my main inquiry question. Then I formed those ideas into questions to go with my main inquiry question. Now we are getting a little further into my capstone project.

Capstone — Choosing a Topic

In 5th grade at my school we do this big research project called Capstone, right now we are choosing our topics and a main inquiry question. The topic I chose was PEDs in baseball,(a PED is a performance enhancing drug) . First we have to fill out this inquiry packet (an inquiry is a question that we will be researching) that point of the packet is help us find that main question, inside that packet we had to answer some questions to help  us organize our interests. Next we had to think more deeply about the topics that we would be interested in researching for 7 weeks, don’t forget this is probably the most important part of Capstone because if we end up not liking our topic then we are in for some boring 7 weeks. Continue reading