May 7

Capstone — Choosing a Topic

In 5th grade at my school we do this big research project called Capstone, right now we are choosing our topics and a main inquiry question. The topic I chose was PEDs in baseball,(a PED is a performance enhancing drug) . First we have to fill out this inquiry packet (an inquiry is a question that we will be researching) that point of the packet is help us find that main question, inside that packet we had to answer some questions to helpĀ  us organize our interests. Next we had to think more deeply about the topics that we would be interested in researching for 7 weeks, don’t forget this is probably the most important part of Capstone because if we end up not liking our topic then we are in for some boring 7 weeks. After this we look at this other packet to help us come up with inquiry questions and you might be wondering why are you coming up with multiple inquiry questions? Well we are coming up with lots of main inquiry questions so we have lots to choose from and so we can make the best choice. I am excited about learning how PEDs impacted baseball.



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