Intro To 6th Grade Tech

I just got into my first few technology classes at the Scarsdale middle school, yes I am In the Scarsdale middle school now in 6th grade. The first day we discussed the expectations and projects and  we are going to make and the tools we are going to use. The second day we went over safety precautions, it was kind of scary because Mr. Calvert explained accidents that have happened in the past where someone got hurt. I will try to be careful while using the machines. The third day we  did a challenge to find clues to unlock a bin with goggles inside with a team to improve teamwork it was very fun. The lock got jammed so we couldn’t unlock it but we still found code to unlock the lock. And the forth day we got introduced to the blogs we will have to make over the course of the quarter. I am excited to continue technology and share the projects that I make on my blog.

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