Feature Article Podcast Reflection

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hTxIcMumcFB0fGDKAskekHLLAvGMOAO1/view   This a link to my podcast


The process for making my podcast was really hard and we had to first decide what topic we were going to talk about. Then we had to write our script and rehearse a lot so we could get it right when we recorded.  After that we recorded and that’s when our practice cane in handy. it was hard to get a sound box and a microphone because there were 20 of us and only 4 microphones so we had to record and the give the tech to other people. last but not least we had to edit and fix our recording. There some challenges during this period of time one was getting a good recording, another one is that we had to add music, and finding the right  music that we liked and also getting our script long enough we had to make sure our script was at least 2 mins long. In conclusion there were multiple steps that we had to finish and challenges along the way but we’re excited to make more podcasts!

Welcome to 5th grade!!!

My 5th grade year has just begun! I am looking forward to Philadelphia because I think that it will be really interesting because there is so many historic things their. I am also looking forward to capstone because after I choose my topic I think that I will have a really fun/interesting.

In 5th grade I want to learn how to become good at researching and a better mathematician.

in conclusion I think I will learn a lot and it will be very fun year.

poem reflection

Inspired me to pick the  poem called the snail who won the marathon for the Poetry Festival was because I had a feel for it and it was just unique If you want to read it it’ll be right down below. Also I thought something silly would be nice.

The Snail Who Won the Marathon


There once was a snail who won the marathon

No one knows how he won.

He say “It was not much fun” but he won.                        


People say he cheated

And climbed in and out of a runner’s clothes.


Or he drove in a really fast car,

Or teleported to the finish line.


Or got a private jet to fly to the finish line,

Or he did the same thing but with a jet pack.


That’s why you should never race a snail.

I also thought that it was just the special.


One plastic bag

One plastic bag

BY: Miranda Paul

In class I read “One Plastic Bag.” The Story  mainly about a woman who reuses plastic bags.My favorite part was when Isatou and the women make purses out of the plastic bags. Message of this book is polluting is not the way to go.  I think you should too make the purses out of plastic bags because the plastic bags on the ground looked ugly and goats were dying. The book made me think about why plastic bags are bad for the Earth.



Banning plastic bags in Bali

TED Talk
This book was mainly about two girls  end a group of kids who made Bali plastic bag free. my favorite part was when they said that Bali was already of the way to Plastic bag free. This Ted talk reminded me of one plastic bag. The message of the Ted talk is that problems can always be solved. This Ted talk made me think what problem can I solve. The Ted talk inspired me to try to solve a problem.